What is a Good GMAT Score? How to achieve it?

What is GMAT??

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test and is taken by candidates from all over the world to gain entrance to the leading universities for business and management worldwide. It is organized by the Graduate Management Admission Council and is responsible for conducting the examination of over 114 countries worldwide.

It has four sections, namely, analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. The best thing about this exam is that the candidate can choose the section they want to attempt according to their expertise and choice. According to statistics, it is the most widely accepted exam for management and business studies.

Top Colleges accepting GMAT

Since GMAT is an international examination, hence its validity spreads across multiple institutes in various continents. If we go by the region, then some of the best colleges for The United States of America are Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University Columbia University, University of Chicago, Duke University, Boston University, Dartmouth university, etc. For Canada, the best schools are the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, McGill University, The University of Western Ontario, Queen’s University at Kingston, etc.

For Asia, the top colleges accepting GMAT scores are the National University of Singapore, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The University of Hong Kong, etc.

The best colleges for Europe are INSEAD, London Business School, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Boccioni University, and Imperial College London, etc. And the best colleges for Australia are The University of Melbourne, The University of New South Wales, and The University of Sydney, etc.

Scoring pattern of GMAT exam:

GMAT uses computer-adaptive assessment technology and hence had a complex method to determine the scores. When you start the exam, it assumes that you have average knowledge and starts with average level questions and then it adapts to your response whether they are good or bad and then displays the next questions.

The response is also determined by calculating the time you took and the difficulty of the question. Hence if you are able to solve tough questions, then you will receive tougher questions and vice versa.

Good score vs. Bad scores:

The average marks scored by everyone is between 500 and 600, marks above 500 will get you into good universities. The top 10% of the test takers score around 710 marks. And then the top 15% of the test takers score marks of nearly 650.

Top 50 % of the test takers score nearly 580. To get into a reputed college, you must belong to this 50 %. And to get admissions to the elites, you need to belong to the top 10%. After you take the exam, you get a choice if you accept the marks or not. You need to decide within 2 minutes. If you select to publish, then the marks are sent to the five universities, you choose.

How to prepare??

  • Know the Exam Pattern: The most important hurdle of cracking any exam is determining the pattern the exam follows and preparing accordingly and thoroughly with respect to these patterns. The exam pattern for GMAT consists of 4 sections, namely analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. The analytical writing section consists of writing an essay with an analysis of arguments. It consists of 1 topic for 30 minutes time. The next section is of Integrated Reasoning, which consists of table analysis, two-part analysis, Multi-Source reasoning, and graphics interpretation.  It consists of 12 questions and is of 30 minutes. The Quantitative section consists of Data sufficiency problem questions. There are 31 questions in this section and is to be completed within 62 minutes. And the final section consists of 36 questions that should be solved within 65 mins and consists of verbal reasoning questions like reading unseen passages, Sentence correcting, and critical reasoning.
  • Time Management: It is one of the most important factors since you may know all the answers, but due to less time, you may end up solving wrong; hence you need to be efficient in time management. Especially in computer-adaptive tests since these award marks on the basis of time used too. To get a good time management practice a lot beforehand and make your own strategies, you can also take benefit of the choices you are provided to choose the order of section yourself. You should choose the option according to your strong points and weak points.
  • Take Mock Test: Mock tests are especially important because they prepare and help you visualize the real exam. Also, these are helpful in understanding the pattern of examination and expose you to the real-life questions that may be possible for the exam. You can also check out old questions from the exam and prepare accordingly. Since this exam is computer adaptive hence the best you can do is to improve your kill with rigorous practice.
  • Get Right Study Material: Right study materials are especially important for the preparation of any exam because the study materials you use, define the way you are going to respond to the exam. Choosing the right book is also important because the book you bought might have been very suitable or easy for someone else, but for you, it may prove to be a very difficult and useless book, therefore go through the different books available and then select the one which suits you the best.
  • Use Technology: Technology is the best thing you can use right now to prepare for the exams. Since the exam conducted too is computer-based, hence, using technology to prepare will prove to be extremely helpful. You can also get free books and study materials online and hence increase your range of knowledge. You can also take up the mock tests organized online so that you can simulate the original exam with the computer adaptive assessment. Although the algorithm used for mocks may not be the same, you can still get an idea of how to prepare.

Hope you are well prepared for your exam and excel in it.

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