1. From the business standpoint there is
an argument that there still exists a lot of disconnect between industry and
academia in India? What are your views on this? Do you concur with it?

and educational institutions have now understood the importance of the industry-academic
linkages. Industry experts are now being drafted into various authorities of
the Universities/Colleges. As a result the curricular content now has emphasis
of industry importance. Industry experts are being invited to join as Honorary/Adjunct/Visiting
faculty positions. Their association helps the students to secure gainful

2. With the significantly strong
opportunity you have in your hand to build a world-class eco-system at Amity
Mumbai, what are your top challenges you intend to solve for the University over
the next two years? And for the management programs specifically?

Universities in the world have differentiating features. They stand apart
because of extensive, quality research. They also adopt innovative
teaching-learning methodologies. They offer interdisciplinary programs with
emphasis on experiential learning. For us, at Amity University Mumbai, bringing
some of these characteristic features is a challenge. Management programs,
specifically, have to be complimentary to the changing needs of the industry
and the corporate world. We, at the University are in the process of orienting the
teaching activities to changed dynamics of management education. 

3. Could you please elaborate on your
views on education management & e-education initiatives that you have been
strongly associated with in the past?

activities have considerable changed. Open education resources are available.
Ivy League Universities have made lot of free education material available. On-line
videos/lectures are available on several sites. It is necessary for us to grasp
these e-education initiatives and make them available to the students.

4. Universities in India haven’t been
able to establish Management Programs that have created an identity for
themselves like the way a Wharton at Univ of Pennsylvania has. What do you think
is the challenge here? And how can this be solved?

too have iconic management institutions and programs in our IIMS. They are no
less than what is available at Wharton or University of Pennsylvania. Some of
our Universities also offer very unique programs. Amity University, Mumbai has
identified programs in emerging areas. We hope to provide quality programs in
tune with the aspirations of the next generation students.

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