Top Colleges for MBA in Supply Chain pregramme and Operations in India Based

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most expensive degrees worldwide. It is generally assumed that the returns after investing in a good MBA degree are worth the financial expense. Although it is true for most business schools in India, not all provide the best returns. Thus, the continuous yearly increase in tuition fees is a matter of concern.

It is pertinent to understand, which business schools provide quality education, essential learning, and adequate industry exposure. These schools provide an excellent return on investment, in that, they require low tuition fees and facilitate great placements.

Program Overview

Numerous prestigious business schools in India offer an MBA in Supply Chain & Operations. This two-year program allows students to adapt to the continually changing and rapidly developing global economy. Organizations of any size and from any field are expanding their operations worldwide.

Considering that globalization affects all aspects of business management, including but not limited to research, material sourcing, design, and product manufacturing as well as distribution. For efficient and progressive operations of a company, businesses must modify their management in accordance with different aspects of business logistics, which have become indispensable to business management.

With an MBA in Supply Chain & Operations, students can acquire deeper insights into supply chain management, which is in line with managing the flow of goods and services including the development of the product or service to its provision and distribution. Businesses are in need of supply chain managers as supply chain and operations management improves the production and distribution of services and products through the enhancement of different facets of business.

It can help enhance businesses through cost reduction, process efficiency, and quality assurance. This program can also help students gain knowledge and skills pertinent to the managing and planning of different activities, such as procurement, sourcing, and other logistics management activities.

Furthermore, students can also learn how to collaborate and organize with different business partners, such as raw material suppliers, intermediaries, and customers. An MBA in Supply Chain & Operations ensures that students have a comprehensive understanding of supply and demand management for organizations.

Many colleges provide specialization in the MBA program with the integration of management techniques using different technologies for seamless business operations.

Career Prospects

In the current state of the industry, there seems to be a shortage of suitable supply chain industry experts. This requirement has created a high demand for industry experts, and to match up to these demands and the changing industry trends for sustainable businesses, many companies have started recruiting supply chain and operations managers. Graduates with an MBA in Supply Chain & Operations are employed by organizations in various fields in different roles, including but not limited to Supply Chain Analyst, Logistics and Distribution Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain Coordinator, Supply Chain Consultant, Materials Planner,  Expeditor, Production Planner, Master Scheduler, Sales Order Planner, Demand Planner, Assistant Buyer/Purchasing Assistant Buyer, Production Planner, and Purchasing Consultant/Procurement Consultant.

School Fees Average Supply Chain and Operations Placement Package
DMS, IIT Delhi 8.80 Lakhs 16.5 LPA
SJMSOM, IIT Bombay 9.11 Lakhs 20.8 LPA
VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur 10.51 Lakhs 17.4 LPA
FORE  School of Management 11 Lakhs 18 LPA
IIM Lucknow 14 Lakhs 15 LPA
NITIE Mumbai 14.86 Lakhs 19.97 LPA
SPJIMR Mumbai 16 Lakhs 22.24 LPA
NMIMS Mumbai 18.50 Lakhs 23 LPA
IIM Calcutta 21 Lakhs 25.40 LPA
IIM Bangalore 21 Lakhs 24.54 LPA
XLRI Jamshedpur 23 Lakhs 21 LPA