Quiz Week 1 Winners and Solution Key – PaGaLGuY

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It’s time to announce the winners of the Quiz Week 1! And the winners are (Drum roll please)-

  1.  Quants Quiz- Pavan Joshi
  2.  LRDI Quiz- Rahul Singh
  3.  Brand/Logo Quiz- Sanidhya Tandon
  4.  General Awareness Quiz- Parag Pandurang Nawathale
  5.  Verbal Ability Quiz- Rahul Singh
  6. Meme Wars- Sanchit Agarwal

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Quants Quiz-

1. A hundred rupee note measures 15 cm × 8 cm and a bundle of 90 such notes is 1 cm thick. Find the value of the hundred rupee notes that can be contained in a box of size 48 cm × 36 cm × 30 cm, if the bundles are tightly packed in it without any empty space.

Volume of the box = (48 × 36 × 30) cubic cm
Volume of each bundle = (15 × 8 × 1) cubic cm
Number of bundles in the box= 48x36x30/15x8x1= 432
Value of each bundle = 9000 ∴ Total value = (9000) (432) = 3888000

2. Tapu bought a few goods for Rs 1800. He sold 33% of the goods bought at 20% loss. Find the profit percentage at which the remainder of the goods must be sold to achieve a benefit of 20%.

Suppose that Tapu purchased 3 kg for Rs 1800 Cost price of 1 kg = Rs. 600.
He sold one kg at a loss of 20%. Hence his selling price of this kg = Rs. 480.
His total selling price must be (1.2) × 1800 = Rs. 2160
Hence selling price of the remaining 2 kg must be Rs 1680. Cost price of 2kg = 2 × 600 = Rs. 1200
∴Profit percentage = 1680 – 1200/1200 x 100 = 40%

3. A vessel has 400 litres of pure milk. 40 litres of milk is removed from the vessel and replaced by water. 40 litres of the mixture thus formed is replaced by water. This procedure is repeated once again. Find the percentage of milk in the resultant solution.

Let v litre be volume of milk with a concentration of c1%. If x litres of the solution is removed and replaced with water, the new concentration ((v-x)/v) x c1. Given that initial concentration is 100%. (pure milk), v = 400, x = 40 and the replacement is done thrice.
∴ Concentration of milk in the resultant solution = (400-40/400)3 x 100 = 72.9%

4. A year ago the proportion of Walter’s and Jesse’s compensations was 3 : 5. The proportions of their individual pay rates of a year ago and present year are 2 : 3 and 4 : 5 respectively. If their combines pay for the current year is Rs.86,000, find the current pay of Walter.

Given the ratio of Walter’s salaries, last year and present year is 2 : 3
So, let the salary of Walter last year be Rs. “2x” and present year be Rs. “3x”

The ratio of Jesse’s salaries, last year and present is 4 : 5
So, let the salary of Jesse last year be Rs. “4y” and present year be Rs. “5y”

Given that, ratio of Walter’s and Jesse’s salary 1 year ago = 3 : 5

Then, we can write
2x / 4y = 3 / 5
⇒ 10x = 12y
⇒ 5 x = 6 y
⇒ y = 5x/6 …… (i)

Also, given in the question,

Their combined salary for the present year is Rs. 86000
∴ 3x + 5y = 86000

Substituting the value of y from (i)
⇒ 3x + 5*(5x/6) = 86000
⇒ 18x + 25x = 516000
⇒ 43 x = 516000
⇒ x = 12000

And, y = 5 * 12000 / 6 = 10000

Thus, Walter’s present salary is
= 3x
= 3 * 12000
= Rs. 36000

5. Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings play 20 overs cricket series until one team wins 4 matches. No match ends in a draw. Find in how many ways the series can be won?

Taking M for Mumbai Indians and C for Chennai Super Kings. We can arrange M and C to show the wins for Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings respectively.
e.g. : CMMMM means first match is won by Chennai Super Kings which is followed by 4 wins by Mumbai Indians. This is one way in which series can be won.
Suppose Mumbai Indians wins the series, then last match is always won by Mumbai Indians.

∴ Total number of ways =35
In the same number of ways India can win the series.
∴ Total no. of ways in which the series can be won 35×2=70

LRDI Quiz-

1. Priyanka, Jelda, Neha, Yamini, and Lata take part in a race. There are atleast two girls ahead of each Neha and Priyanka. No more than one girl is behind Lata and Priyanka each. Assuming no one takes over any other players who arrives at the finishing line after two girls as well as before two other girls, if no two girls finish the race at the same time?

Neha and Priyanka have at least two girls before them I.e. Neha and Priyanka have to be in two out of 3rd, 4th and 5th positions.
Lata and Priyanka have not more than one girl behind each of them i.e. Lata and Priyanka have to be in the 4th or 5th positions.
The above two statements together mean that Neha will have to be in the third position.

2. Eight persons – P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, and W – belong to the same family and they sit around a circular table facing the centre (not necessarily in the same order). The following information is known about them. (1) P sits second the right of his nephew, whose neighbors are females. (2) V is the wife of P and sits to the immediate right of her daughter T. (3) U sits second to the right of his brother-in-law and opposite his son Q. (4) S sits third to the right of her sister-in-law and second to the left of her father R. (5) W is the mother-in-law of U and is adjacent to her grandson
Who among the following is the niece of S? (A) The one who sits opposite S. (B) The one who sits to the immediate right of S’s husband. (C) T (D) All the above

2. Annie, Ben, Cain, Dan and Engel are five friends who purchased a book each that were related to one of the following fields: Architecture, Biotechnology, Criminology, Demography and Economics. Further, the following information is known.
(a) No friends first letter of the name matches with the field to which the book purchased is related.
(b) Annie and Dan love to read books related to Criminology apart from the books they purchased.
(c) Engel hates Criminology and Biotechnology and hence did not purchase them.
(d) The first letter of the field to which the book that Ben purchased pertains to, matches with the first letter of the name of the friend who purchased a book pertaining to Biotechnology.

After a month of reading, Annie exchanges her book with Dan and then Dan exchanges this book with Engel. The exchanges resulted in the first letter of the friends matching with the field to which the book belonged without violating conditions (b) to (d). Which of the following is true?
(A) Engel bought the book related to Demographics.
(B) Annie bought the book related to Demographics.
(C) Dan bought the book related to Economics.
(D) Engel bought the book related to Architecture.

Let us represent the persons name with A, B, C, D and E and also the fields to which each book belongs to A, B, C, D and E.

Person Book
B Criminology
C Biotechnology

Annie exchanges with Dan and Dan exchanges with Engel so the book possessed by Annie goes to Engel. Hence, Annie purchased book related to Economics. Don Purchased book related to Architecture and Engel purchased book related to Demographic


If 1000 students received interview calls from B-school ‘x’ in each of the given years, then how many students of institute A received interview calls but were not selected in the given period? (A) 520 (B) 770 (C) 430 (D) 620

5. The following diagram gives the contribution towards the revenue, in percentage terms of two of the four products – A, B, C and D in a company. Within a year, the share of each product, as a percentage, is a distinct integer. In all the years from 2008 to 2013, contribution of each product was at least 1%

The manager of the firm estimates the sales targets for the year 2014 by taking the average of the firms sales growth rates of the past 5 years. If the percentage share of A and B remains the same as in 2013, then what could be the highest sales target that either C or D could have if the contribution of each product is at least 1%? (A) Rs 13.7 cr (B) Rs 14.17 cr (C) Rs 12.2 cr (D) Rs 11.19

General Awareness-

Q1 Which company uses the following punch-line- ‘flying for everyone’

Q2Which of the following Business School has a dean of Indian origin?
-Harvard Business School

Q3 ‘Mohiniattam’ is a famous dance form from which state?

Q4 ‘Ringgit’ is the currency of which country?

Q5 Where is Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary located?

Q6 Who was the first Vice President of India?
-Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

Q7 Where was the first Commonwealth games held?
-Hamilton, Canada

Q8 Where was the first post office established in India?

Q9 Which country did Spain defeat in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final?

Q9 Which substance among the following has the highest pH level?
Car Battery Acid, Human Blood, Vinegar, Sea water
-Sea water

Verbal Ability-

Q1 The word WITHER in the sentence ‘The hot summer winds make the plants wither.’ cannot be replaced by which of the following words? Dry, Blossom, Droop, Shrivel

Q2 Fill in the blanks- If I were in Chandra Babu Naidu’s shoes, I ______undying loyalty to the BJP.
1. would be swearing 2. should have sworn 3. would swear 4. would have sworn
-would swear

Q3 Choose the option in which the usage of the word ‘ACT’ is INCORRECT or INAPPROPRIATE.
1. Jane was chosen to act the part of Cindrella in the school play 2. The trapeze act was the highlight of the scintillating performance put up by the circus artists 3. His stint as the Head of the Department will be a hard act to follow 4. The children tend to act out whenever they are left in the care of a nanny
-The children tend to act out whenever they are left in the care of a nanny

Q4 A sentence is given in four different forms. Only one of them is grammatically correct. Identify the correct sentence.
1. Neither the teacher nor the students has brought the text book 2. Neither the students nor the teacher have brought the text book 3. Neither the teacher nor the students have brought the text book 4. Neither the students or the teacher have brought the text book
-Neither the teacher nor the students have brought the text book

Q5 Identify the incorrect sentence or sentences:

-c and d