An effective supply chain system is critical to the success of any business, whether it is a start-up or an established brand. It is one of the core organisational tasks involved with the production flow, from the idea of a product/service to its delivery to the customer and everything in between. Supply chain management is in charge of an organisation’s interactions with its suppliers, employees, and consumers. Most institutions strengthen their supply chain system to minimise costs, maintain efficient production, and build distribution and sales strategies.

However, there has recently been a gap in the field. Given the economy’s volatility, it has become critical to reconsider the conventional view of supply chain models. As a result, there is a greater need for more qualified and trained individuals who can adapt to dynamic management and build newer, more efficient systems. A supply chain management education is becoming more vital to fulfilling the need for people with unique insights to keep innovation alive. Aside from skill development, a degree in this area offers several doors for people pursuing business and commerce-related careers with competitive pay.

People’s Institute of Management & Research has successfully developed a unique curriculum to assist bridge the gap between industry requirements and the supply of trained managers with supply chain management expertise. Being one of India’s premier private colleges, People’s Institute of Management & Research has successfully kept up with the needs of the times. Their two-year full-time MBA program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management provides specialised training and gears students to be solution-oriented leaders.

Here are the top five reasons why an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management can be rewarding and why you must consider PIMR.

  1. Booming Careers 

There is a high demand for adept and skilful professionals in logistics, inventory management, production and sourcing, and network management & more. Companies are constantly looking for people who can foresee problems, reduce risk, and develop cost-effective ways of functioning, thereby keeping them ahead of their competitors. This area of specialisation offers a world of possibilities since businesses these days function on a global level, enabling the cultivation of diverse experiences. 

People’s Institute of Management & Research (PIMR) is a top choice when considering an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. It has been developed in partnership with Safexpress, India’s leading Supply Chain and Logistics Company. Their curriculum is designed by industry experts and is centred around providing hands-on training and an understanding of fundamentals from a global point of view. This balance of theory and practice facilitates learning the latest in supply chain processes. Thus, PIMR Graduates, trained in technical skills and decision-making, are proving themselves to be the answer to this gap in the industry.

  1. Variety of Paths to Choose From

After an education in supply chain management, there are many avenues to choose from. Due to the multifaceted nature of operational networks, there are many industrial roles available. Aspirants can explore careers in areas like warehousing, material sourcing, logistics and wholesaling, to name a few.

PIMR prepares its students for the field and supports them in making an informed decision about the specific career path they want to pursue. The coursework demands necessary internship projects which allow students to gain first-hand experience. Apart from that, the institute also has state-of-the-art research and library facilities. Students are guided into finding they’re calling through access to textual and experiential knowledge. PIMR has seen its students find roles as logistics and distribution managers, supply chain analysts, material planners, production planners, sales order planners, assistant buyers, etc.

  1. Developing Transferable Skills 

Although education in supply chain management focuses on locating a specialisation best suited to an individual’s skillsets, there is also an equal investment in building transferable skills. Both specialised knowledge and eclectic knowledge become essential to ensure career advancement since critical thinking, adaptability, and creativity are valued assets for any field.

The coursework at PIMR takes a comprehensive view of supply chain processes and teaches a high level of awareness among its students about the more extensive functioning of an organisation. Thus, the emphasis is not only on the development and management of operational and information systems but also on sales, transactional negotiation, logistics, etc. It prepares students to anticipate challenges and equips them with tools to solve errors through its theory-intensive coursework and internship programs. Thus, students gain confidence and the technical competence to meet their professional and personal goals truly.

  1. Become Workforce Ready 

A degree dedicated to vocational training in a field like supply chain management is beneficial because it makes students ready for life after graduation. It is a course that is oriented towards the future post-college, and so the primary focus is on the knowledge that is particular to the field and on work experience.

PIMR ensures on-the-job training while still being part of academia through its partnership with Safexpress. After a year of learning on campus, students are exposed to real-world industry practices through training at Safexpress. Students get a stipend of about Rs.18,000 per month. This manner of activity, which includes exposure to entry-level employment, ensures the development of relevant skills and a greater chance of absorption into the workforce. PIMR also boosts students’ practical knowledge and encourages initiative through the extra-curricular activities of its Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell), giving room for independent students to explore their skills and hone their leadership and team-building expertise.

  1. High Paying Jobs

Equipped with sharp skills and dynamic problem-solving ability, graduates often find that the areas under supply chain management offer very lucrative salaries. A course in supply chain management also provides an understanding of one’s areas of expertise which proves beneficial in personal branding during job searches. 

PIMR imparts to its students technological and managerial knowledge that is imperative in career advancement since positions in top management come within reach with education and experience. PIMR also demonstrated its placement success, with students being recruited by top companies like Delhivery Zomato, Flipkart, Lifestyle, and ParleAgro. The average CTC of such placements was 3.5 lakh per annum, and the highest package offered was 5.2 lakh per annum.

Apart from its stellar MBA program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, the People’s Institute of Management and Research also has exceptional infrastructure and facilities. The campus, located in Bhopal and nestled in greenery, sprawls across 5 acres and has well-maintained lecture halls, labs and research facilities. It has prime hostel provisions for its students and game rooms, gymnasiums, and sports areas. Their wi-fi enabled campus ensures that students can efficiently study and access the internet. The fact that it is genuinely student-friendly is highlighted by the fact that PIMR offers To premium health care services too. Thus, for anybody looking to pursue a unique specialisation in management education – PIMR comes through as a top choice.

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