Supply chain management is the evolving domain in an overarching realm of logistics. It involves the overall movement of any product, be it internally in the manufacturing process or externally. Involving processes like inventory, material handling, purchasing, transportation, among many others. With the contemporary revolution in digitization, the upcoming realm of supply chain management is seen transforming in a holistic manner. Thereby, employability in this industry sees a sharp rise.

The rise in digitization and the integration of varied external factors like the onset of the pandemic have given a sharp increase in the demand for manpower in supply chain management. The roles available in this industry are materials planner, assistant buyer, purchasing consultant, master scheduler, expeditor, supply chain manager, etc.

To venture into this field, the best way to go about it would be to pursue an MBA degree focussing on the specialization logistics and supply chain management. The curriculum of this course focuses on building a nuanced understanding of logistics and operations as a whole. Upon completion of this program, an individual would make a landmark career in the field.

People’s University offers a consolidated and coming-of-age MBA degree specializing in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The University has collaborated with the top industry leader, Safexpress, to ensure seamless and contemporary industry-specific education. This program bridges the gap between theory and practice by integrating the real-time and fast-paced experience of the industry with students. The emphasis of the degree is to build strategic decision-making and international supply chain management skills.

The MBA Program at People’s University is a two-year full-time degree, including the curriculum facilitated and designed by the leading stalwarts of the industry. The program includes an amalgamation of the industry’s working through the support of Safexpress and one-year on-job training after a year’s training on-campus.

The benefits of this program are very much evident in the placement records of the existing students of People’s University. Students enrolled in this program are given adequate industry exposure through mandatory internships with top brands in the supply chain space. The stipend offered to students pursuing their internship in mid the program was valued at 18000 Rs. The students are also given positive feedback during their on-field training, wherein they get the hands-on experience of working in the real-time setup of the industry. The students are integrated with supply chain management and logistics intricacies, thereby honed to enter the industry as experienced individuals. Aside from this, the highest CTC offered in this domain was valued at 5.2 lakh per annum. Whereas the average package offered was valued at 3.5 lakh per annum. Some of the leading recruiters are Delhivery, ColdEx, Flipkart, Zomato, Lifestyle, Gati, TVS, ParleAgro, Bluedart, DTDC, DHL, ColdEx, TVS, among many others.

In all, this comprehensive program on supply chain management and logistics offered at People’s University is an apt platform for an individual to enter the holistic space of People’s University as a learner and graduate as a seasoned and experienced professional, thereby envisioning a bright future.

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