Tips for Submitting MAH CET Application Form 2019 And for Preparations

Taking your studies to the next level is a choice that comes easier said than done. It is extremely easy to decide to pursue MBA as your next option. However, the primary concerns of any student appearing for an entrance exam are how to submit the online exam form, as everything these days is done through an online portal, and how to prepare efficiently for the exam.

MAH-CET MBA exams are no less. The exam is an entrance exam conducted for MBA and MMS pursuers; this exam is selectively held for the institutions in Maharashtra. The upcoming exams are to be held on 9th and 10th March only.

How to submit the only MAH CET Application Form 2019?

Applications, exam forms and various other processes are filled online these days. The procedure seems to be a bit tricky, especially if you are not a fan of online forms or tech-savvy. Although the online applications are pretty straightforward, the sheer length of the form makes heads spin. To help you fill your MAH-CET exam form easily and efficiently, here are some tips:

  • Get Organized: Before you start filling out the form online, make sure that you keep every possible document handy. Usually, you will require to fill in details of marks from 10th , 12th and of your undergraduate degree.
  • Scan documents in advance: One of the hardest things to do while filling an online form for an exam is to find the right documents. It would be helpful to find the documents and scan them for uploading purposes. It would become too tedious for you to run around looking for the relevant documents.
  • Recent Pictures and ID Proof: No exam form is ever complete without ID Proof and recent passport size pictures. Since you will be filling the exam for online, make sure that you scan these as well and keep them ready to upload.
  • Other Details: Details about contact information and exam centres should be filled properly. Make sure that you double check the details you input in order to avoid hassles later on.

When you are done filling out all the necessary information online, make sure that you make use of the button, preview on the MAH-CET MBA form. This button will allow you to go through your entire form and will help you spot the mistakes if there are any in the form.

To submit your form, make sure that you pay for the application fee. The steps will be different for DD payments and online payments.

Effective tips for MAH-CET 2019 Preparation

Most students struggle with exam preparations because they have no idea how to prepare. If you wish to crack your MAH-CET MBA entrance exam 2019, here are the tips you need to keep in mind:

  • Thorough study of topics: You should make sure to cover all the topics that are mentioned in the syllabus of the entrance exam. Schedule your time and practice quantitative ability, data interpretation, logical reasoning and verbal ability every day.
  • Prepare with mock tests: Do not make the mistake of skipping mock tests. Whether you take them online or offline, these tests help you ascertain your preparations and allow you to know which areas still need work.
  • Accuracy and speed: You should concentrate on getting accurate results along with speeding up your performance. Most of the students make the mistake of simply speeding up their performance.
  • Strengthen your basics: If you feel that your quantitative section is not as strong as it should be, then the best way to do is to start from the basics. Quantitative abilities can only be improved when you make sure that you cover all your basics.
  • Understand rather than mugging: If you are not confident about the verbal and English section of the MAH-CET exams, then you should make sure that you read the passages and the questions carefully before answering them. When you prepare for the section, make sure that you concentrate on improving the understanding of the subject than mugging things up.
  • Make notes: Make notes about the things that you want to remember and revise. These notes help you go through everything when you are nearing the exam.

Furthermore, when you prepare for your exams, remember to analyze your mock tests. Without analyzing your mock tests, you will not know which sections require work.

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