The Stellar Student Life at Athena School of Management!

Einstein once said, ‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ Keeping this aspect into the purview of the true essence of education in contemporary times, the aim remains to make students adept in understanding. The idea of instilling knowledge that hones the critical, creative, and analytical acumen of students makes any curriculum and pedagogy exceptional in every sense. The same goes with the B-school education considering the most coveted and sought-after MBA degree. The MBA degree adopts a holistic approach to nourish the all-inclusive growth of the students. It is not just about classroom teaching but also about extracurricular advancement, co-curricular growth, and industry exposure. Thereon, the completion of an MBA degree sharpens the entire outlook of the students to become future leaders of the industry.

Athena School of Management offers a stellar Postgraduate Program in Management which opens up multiple avenues for the students. This two-year program aims to hone the future industry leaders and seasoned professionals. The pedagogy adopted in the classroom sways from the traditional method of lecture-based teaching and adopts a case-study approach to nuance the critical, analytical, a creative aptitude of the students. This also helps students to get real-time exposure to the problems faced in the corporate world. Taking a cue from Socrates’ method of dialogic communication, 20% of the curriculum is taught by the faculty, whereas the rest 80% is based on interactive group discussions, debates, projects, etc. Athena also has placement alliances with the top MNCs and offers landmark internships with some of India’s top companies. The campus is located in the vicinity of Hiranandani, Powai home to some leading MNCs, thereby providing an industry interface to the students. The idea is to not only facilitate students with a gateway to the industry but also instill such skills that make their survival in the industry easy. The international collaborations with some renowned global universities help achieve this goal.

Not only this, but the very essence of the school, the students have all praises to contribute to Athena. Devvrat More, a student of Athena claims, ‘the guidance you get from Athena is immaculate’. Saksham Gupta, another student of Athena talks about his motivation to choose MBA. He says the very experience of pursuing an MBA in Mumbai far exceeded his expectations. For Saksham, the interactions and experiences that he got from the Rotaract club added on to his experiential learning.

Watch what the students of Athena have to say about their internship experience-

For Vini Jain, the international immersive education stands out the most about Athena. She also highlights the immense expertise that the faculty at Athena entail. They are renowned professionals from the industry and have also made their mark in the academic world. The integrated curriculum as intermixed with brainteasing activities appeals the most to Sunishka Gupta of the PGPM 2019-2021 batch. The very focus on personality development and overall grooming of the students speaks at length about her fondness towards Athena’s holistic approach.

This very trust that Athena has built with students has ensured that Athena alumni are placed in the leading organization in top-notch roles. The holistic alumni base of Athena and the ever-growing ad talented base of existing students speak length about Athena’s success in transmitting the best Management education. To get a call back from Athena’s counsellors or to know more, click here.