CAT Day Prepping 101: How To Improve Logical Reasoning Score For CAT

With the exam approaching quickly, students need to focus on every section. This is the time to understand what will make your answers correct without any possible errors, and one of the places which is a frequent centre for errors is in the Logical Reasoning section of the CAT Exam. Logical reasoning consists of around 16 questions in the overall paper, but getting these 16 right could turn around your percentile for good. So, let’s jump start our preparation and look at these tips that will help you improve your logical reasoning score.

Question pattern

The questions are usually given in a paragraph consisting of guidelines followed by 2-3 questions. It is essential to read the guidelines before jumping to the questions. Sometimes, students start solving the questions before reading the guidelines carefully, which makes mistakes happen.


Devote time to solve at least 10 questions daily from any competitive exam books available. Solve previous year questions and give mock tests. As the questions vary, you need to be prepared by practising and becoming thorough with every concept. Another way you can go about it is practising puzzles, sudoku and riddles in your leisure time.

Read the question 

To get the right answer, you need to read the entire question thoroughly before moving ahead. Reading questions hastily often leads to careless mistakes. But reading the question doesn’t imply that you invest too much time on reading; invest a few seconds to get a brief understanding of the question and then move on to the answers.

Practice paying attention   

It would help if you kept in mind that words such as only, all, some, none are important as they give out essential information. At times, questions have prefixes that the candidates overlook. Pay attention to prefixes such as non, un, or this in the question. Also, do not ever assume that the question has any missing information because that is a very rare incident, unlikely to occur.

Process of Elimination

Using the process of elimination helps extensively. For this, you have to read the question and analyse which options are unlikely to be the correct answer. After eliminating all the possibilities which have inconsistencies, you will be able to curate the right solution to the question.

Distribute your time 

Every paper comes with a set of difficult questions. Students often make the mistake of sticking to the exam pattern and attempting the questions one after the other. This results in wasting time. Therefore, it is better to solve the questions you can solve easily and return to the difficult questions. By doing this, you will avoid wasting your time trying to attempt difficult questions. Because always remember that the exam doesn’t demand you to answer all questions; it demands you to answer the questions correctly.

Don’t make assumptions.

Try to avoid making assumptions as far as possible. Always understand the question, and there is no room to answer the questions by assuming external factors. When you answer any question, remember that the option you choose should logically follow the question given to you. Hence, try to build a logical relationship between the question and the options rather than assuming things.

Use Diagram

CAT tends to offer questions that are confusing in nature. The options usually tend to be so close to each other that the chances of getting confused are incredibly high. Hence, the best way to solve the questions is to make diagrams. This can be extremely useful when solving seating questions or blood relations. Drawing mere circles or connecting the relatives in the blood relation question with an arrow can make a huge difference and save time.

The best part of the Logical Reasoning section is that it can be aced by regular practice and strategic planning. All you need to do is, follow these simple steps and keep learning from your mistakes. With a consistent approach and a few tips to keep in mind, you will make the most out of the LR section.

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