Executive MBA

The Executive MBA at Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management is a 15 month long full time course approved by the AICTE or the All India Council for Technical Education. This course is by nature a sort of an accelerated MBA or we can say, an MBA crash course.

This program is mainly designed for professionals with a work experience and industry exposure of over 5 years or above and it aims to groom all the Experienced Executives for a role in General Management in the functional domain and a worldwide orientation.

This programme has been designed with five clearly distinct modules, which are foundation, functional, integration, internationalization and dissertation.

This course brings in a very global perspective among the pupils pursuing it and it is done by a part of the curriculum known as the International Immersion Module.

This module gives students the perfect occasion to broaden their horizons and their thinking capabilities all the while deepening their understanding about the ever increasing global economic conditions.

The course covers an educational trip to any BRICS nation, which is an emerging economy, or any developed economy like any Eastern European nation, or to any successful economy in Asia like South Korea or Singapore.

The class goes to any such countries for their field trip, spends around two weeks learning about the economy of the country and also about its society with a special emphasis on subject matters which affect the industry and business, they go on to field tours and meet corporate workers, government officials and business people.

They also attend cultural programs and social gatherings to get intimate with the country in a better manner.

Part Time MBA:

This is a program which is tailor made for people who have at least three years or more of work experience and industry exposure. This is targeted for those high caliber professionals and is a course spanning over nine trimesters.

This is for those people who have a targeted goal and also have the potential to push their boundaries to reach it. It is centered and fashioned in a global manager having an armada of skills.

These students would eventually equip themselves in a better managerial position and grow in their workplaces, be it a corporate or a co-working space and thus this helps them on diversifying on their profiles in the near future.

Out of the nine trimesters, the first four of them focus on all the basics of the course and help in building a foundation of knowledge coupled with skills which would be required to venture into detailed and complex specializations and a variety of functional areas.

In the fifth and the sixth, seventh and eighth trimester, there is an option for students to opt for a General Elective subject which would complement their main courses and give an in-depth knowledge of their area of study.

The General Elective courses are planned keeping a lot of parameters in mind like the needs of the society, their prospective employers and also the personal and professional needs of the students themselves.

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