With a number of B Schools circling and focussing on developing a curriculum that is in alignment with the current changing environment, it is an ideal thing to see through and know about the best ones in detail. SIES School of Business Studies, one of the pioneers in the premier B- Schools of India, is now at the forefront of providing quality education to young leaders and becoming dynamic future managers of the 21st Century. Located at Nerul, Navi Mumbai, the institution fosters a holistic environment for students to learn and grow. SIES SBS has a highly qualified and experienced group of teachers in their academic team. With a number of visiting faculty, the academic team at SIES SBS is a set of people who have immense backgrounds and time in corporate companies around the world. Learning from them is itself an edge for students at SIES SBS.

The campus life at SIES SBS is no less than an experience in itself. With a number of things to do and a wide-stretched campus encompassing everything from a library, computer, and information center with state-of-the-art architecture, the campus absorbs a student itself and facilitates personal growth while at the same time giving them comfort like home. The college campus provides wide facilities for recreational activities like yoga, meditation, amphitheater, etc.

SIES School Of Business Studies provides a two-year flagged MBA program that offers a two-week training course that ensures that all the students are at par with the basic knowledge required to start off and grasp the lectures. With a mission to impart quality and holistic education for developing Business Managers and Socially Responsible citizens, SIES SBS is a school that is all about quality learning. The admission criteria for getting into the PGDM program is to clear any of the competitive exams from CAT, CMAT, MAT, XAT, MH-CET and cross the minimum required percentage. 

With a variety of college events, students are prepared not just for academics but become developed and equipped culturally in various domains. The involvement of students and staff in these activities is an initiative taken by the college to strategically move towards excellence. The cultural clubs and activities are wide-ranging from sports to dance and music and there’s a club committee for any interest of yours. This keeps you balanced in every way while pursuing your MBA dream.

The college also gives you a chance to be a part of the Student Council of SIES SBS which is a set of students body representing and becoming a medium between the students and the institution and also working towards fulfilling the mission of the institution. It provides a voice for the students to debate issues and areas of concern and at the same time helps them in becoming better managers and decision-makers. 

SIES School of Business Studies is a college that grows you as an individual, both personally and professionally providing you with a campus life experience that not just fosters but becomes your home after spending two years there and pursuing your MBA dream!

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