When you look out for an MBA College, what is the first thing that you check and consider? Pretty sure for most people, it is the ROI. The Return On Investment which is basically the average placement package of the college gives you a rough idea if it is worth putting in the high tuition fee. Another factor apart from the campus life that you consider is; whether your relationship with the college is only till the time you are on the campus or it continues long after. Is there something for you being an Alumni of that particular institution?

These two factors form a very major part of the entire decision-making process. This article entails information on how the leading business school, SIES School Of Business Studies caters to these very two important factors to the students’ utmost advantage. SIES SBS, established in 1995 has been on the front of providing students with quality management education, nurturing them to become quality managers and professionals. Located on the campus of Nerul, the academic hub of Navi Mumbai, SIES SBS provides students with numerous facilities and state-of-the-art architecture.

With a 99% Student placement record, SIES SBS has had a record of providing students the opportunity to intern and work with the top corporate companies with amazing packages to advance their careers and gain experience with a headstart. Top companies from various sectors like Amazon, Crisil, Coca-Cola, Cipla, Deloitte, EY, Federal Bank, Godrej, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Reliance, Ola, Morgan Stanley, SBI, Tata Consultancy Services, etc come to the campus to recruit students for the final placements. With a successful placement season of 20-21, the average placement package was 8.11 LPA while the highest package went as high as 20 LPA with a total of 240 recruiters taking students to be a part of the company. SIES provides students with summer internship projects which are again in reputed companies of the industry which prepare students better to be industry read and help them gauge an idea of a number of things including the job roles they wish to sit for in their final placements, the company and sector they aspire to be a part of and the way things work in the corporate world. These summer internship projects help students become dynamic leaders who start adapting the skills of critical thinking and problem-solving and flourish into industry-ready individuals.

SIES SBS provides you with an experience and a network that sticks with you not just till the time you are a part of the institution while studying for your post-graduation management degree. They stick through even after that. With a constant and engaging number of Alumni activities from everything including a batch get-together to various seminars and workshops in collaboration with companies and other networking events, SIES SBS provides you with the best of it all. They even continued to do this during the time of covid, virtually. This helps you be in access and touch with the top working professionals in various fields and what more is an edge to an individual in the corporate world? With more than a 7000+ Alumni base, SIES SBS has a centre for Alumni Relations that keeps the students engaged and connected.

In SIES SBS, you go as a student but leave with a family and an experience that evolves you for a lifetime. Click here to apply now.

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