MBA Aspirants at Ft. GNIOT

For any MBA aspirant, quality of education, corporate experience, and networking potential are the three factors that make a business school stand out. Just like others, these three criteria were on the highest of my checklist. Thus, when I started getting acceptance by different b-schools, I knew what all qualities to look for in a business school. The relentless search for finesse and quality landed me at GNIOT, which became the foundation for my growth in the coming year.

Why I chose GNIOT 

Besides merely searching on the internet, I chose GNIOT after it was referred to me by alums of GNIOT. The reassuring words stood as a testimony to GNIOT’s balance between conceptual information and practical industry experiences. Furthermore, I was informed by my seniors that the business school would not only hone my existing qualities, but with its incredible focus on soft skills and integrated business approach, I would be able to discover new skills that would be imperative for me to climb the corporate ladder.

Now, if you ask me If I would recommend GNIOT to MBA aspirants like you, my answer will be a big ‘YES’. Speaking from my experience, I have had a tremendous time at GNIOT that has helped me carve the person I am today- driven and determined. Here are a few factors that have made me believe in GNIOT’s excellence that can be potential reasons for others like me to choose it as their future b-school –

  • Blend of unique courses– The richness of courses, both PGDM & MBA is the basis of creating a holistic environment that pushes the students to think beyond the boundaries of conventional thought. GNIOT has provided many such courses. One of my personal favourites has been Managing Social Projects. This project helped me understand the nuances of project management not only on a theoretical level but in a much more practical sense.
  • Industry-specific specializations – In our first year, we cover a base of courses that prepare us with a broad set of knowledge. In our second year, we get a chance to select our specialization. This specialization gives us a better picture of what we strive to become in the coming years by giving us the required professional experience.
  • Preparation for the corporate world – We have a corporate resource centre that aims to build an environment of multidisciplinary research and create managers who can thrive in the future. This is a stepping stone to the corporate as the centre provides students with research and placement opportunities.
  • Stellar placement record – GNIOT has an active placement cell that helps the student with their general needs of CV and cover letter while also preparing them for their case studies and interview rounds. With companies from all around the country visiting the campus, GNIOT is a hub for student placement, with the most recent highest placement of around 17 LPA.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure – The campus has the top most facilities, from air-conditioned classrooms and dedicated seminar rooms to a resourceful library. The campus also has wifi and computer lab facilities for the students. Additionally, we as students also get transportation facilities within Delhi NCR which are incredibly beneficial as most of the students either have to visit their families in NCR or outside, and transportation facility eases the process.
  • Workshops and seminars – The b-school also ensures that students spend quality time learning. Thus, regular workshops are conducted on data structures, financial management, and supply chain management courses, among others. These courses accentuate the students’ knowledge by providing contemporary information required in many corporate fields.
  • Advanced research- GNIOT has a research and publication division where students are encouraged to write, contemplate, research, and publish. This ignites a sense of curiosity and also develops a novel sense of a solution-oriented mindset that pushes the students to learn more and innovate more in real life.
  • Unconventional pedagogy – With a constant effort to provide world-class education to students, GNIOT has invented its unique teaching style. We have a blend of classroom experience and corporate projects where we are made to understand and analyze what skills and trainings are essential to become a good manager and resource for a company.
  • Focus on entrepreneurship – GNIOT is particularly focused on shaping young leaders and innovators. We constantly receive industry exposure that helps us understand how businesses achieve success in their ventures. Moreover, we also receive adequate training from our mentors and professors, which has helped us understand how investor pitches and executive pitches work.
  • Soft skill development – GNIOT places a high emphasis on enhancing soft skills like communication, leadership, teamwork, a focus on achieving goals, and creativity. These abilities are crucial for personal growth within a company, as while knowledge can be acquired, soft skills need to be nurtured and honed through practice. GNIOT dedicates ample time and resources to help students develop and excel in these areas.
  • Social responsibility – One of the most exceptional factors of GNIOT is the emphasis on social and corporate responsibility. Ethics is usually a topic that misses the mark of the major corporate courses, but GNIOT believes in developing socially responsible students who are attuned to making decisions not for their sole benefit but for the benefit of the greater part of society. Such a value-oriented approach makes GNIOT more appealing and essential for the business world.

Though every educational institute has its charm, I can assure you that you will never look back when you step inside the gates of GNIOT. The business school will enhance you and provide you with opportunities that are elemental for your long-term goal as a management student. It will let you think out of the box, experiment with your ideas, and transform ideas into reality. With students from all around the country, you will find yourself in a cosmopolitan set-up very similar to that in the corporate industry. Further, these connections that you will build in these two years will prove to be beneficial in the later years of your life- both professionally and personally. 

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