SIBM-B: Variety at Varsity

SIBM Bengaluru has always been a cohort of diverse minds, who bring forth prolific ideas and academic intellect. This paves way for innovation and new learnings among peers, speaking of which, the batch of 2020-2022 has a melange of prospective managers.

At SIBM Bengaluru, we have a dentist, a company secretary, former UPSC aspirants, entrepreneurs, several students from pure science, and needless to say, engineers and commerce students amidst others. 

One of the students from the Batch of 2020-22, shares her thoughts behind her decision to pursue an MBA from SIBM Bengaluru after completing an undergraduate degree in Fashion Technology from NIFT, Bangalore.

During these 4 years, she got acquainted with all the technical aspects of the fashion world and got hands-on experience of Apparel production through internships and industrial exposure.

She then worked with Uniqlo, a leading Japanese apparel brand, where she gained hands-on experience which helped enhance her knowledge about the industry.

Soon she developed an inclination towards managerial roles and felt the need to unravel leadership opportunities that would open the pathway to her dream company. 

Another student, who has appeared for the civil services interview in 2018 and is a National Level Archer shares how after reaching the milestone, he continued with his entrepreneurial spirit and firm belief that one can work for the betterment of society in many ways.

He decided to pursue an MBA from SIBM Bengaluru to gain quality management education and run his own company in the near future.

Apart from the added benefit of being in the IT hub our country, the institute provides a platform for individuals to take part in healthy case discussions with their peers, share knowledge, and learn new skills.

The campus is completely student-centric and is always bustling with one activity or the other, wherein every individual is encouraged to take part. It tests the limits and lets one grow both in personal and professional life, and adds different perspectives to one’s school of thought.

There is a bonding that broadens one’s horizon that makes for an immense learning curve in SIBM Bengaluru and empowers the students to tackle any situation with grit.

The gateway to SIBM Bengaluru however starts with the candidate’s preparation for the SNAP entrance test.

It officially marks the commencement of one’s MBA journey, where decision-making and problem-solving skills play a vital role in setting a strong foundation for the thrilling journey they are in for when they join the MBA program.

MBA programs at SIBM Bengaluru appreciate diversity and welcome students from all backgrounds. Another student with a Bachelors in Hotel Management shares his experience working in the hospitality and tourism sector.

He informs how hotels are much more than just 4 core service areas and like any other business, has a corporate end as well.

While Hotel Management taught him the service end of the industry, an MBA will equip him with the skills and knowledge required to ace the corporate side. And, SIBM Bengaluru is the right choice as it gives the opportunity to its students to enter the tourism sector since it hosts companies such as ITC Hotels and OYO for placements. 

After the SNAP entrance comes the equally challenging interview process called the GEPIWAT. The candidate must prepare well for it, but above all remain calm, composed, and confident.

The interview rounds are designed to select the best students that join the prestigious institute and ensure an enriching experience for everyone.

We also have a student who shares how her passion for learning about human behaviour led her to take up psychology in the undergraduate.

She recollects how she developed a strong inclination towards aspects of industrial psychology and consumer behaviour and realised the growing importance of psychology and its application in the corporate world.

Pursuing an MBA from SIBM Bengaluru is an ideal choice since there are a plethora of events and opportunities to showcase one’s true potential. SIBM B has repeatedly proven to provide the best for its students with versatile backgrounds and creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness for excellence to thrive.

The institute promises a fascinating and memorable experience for all its students. It transforms them into real-life leaders through the brilliant, academically and culturally driven cohort offers.

Here at SIBM Bengaluru, you will make friends who’ll eventually become more like a family. The gates of SIBM Bengaluru are open and we are excited to welcome the new batch of students with all our enthusiasm. All the best!

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