GDPI Experience @ WeSchool By Rishi Garg

My GDPI journey started from the YMCA Hotel, Connaught Place, New Delhi on the  6th March 2020. For me, it was a new experience as I have never appeared for an interview before. I thought instantly by looking at the crowd, from here, my professional journey is going to start. All were professionally dressed, and there was pin-drop silence. All of us (students) were getting their calls to represent ourselves in front of the panelists. The moment was almost full of nervousness for all of us.

I was called approximately 90 mins after reaching the hotel. The first round was of Group Discussion for 20 mins, and there were two panelists for our group of 10 members. We were given the topic “Is GDP a good measure of growth?” Luckily I was in the fair position to start the GD and I did the same. The GD went in a very smooth manner and, there was very rich & good content. I remember I was able to speak for 4-5 times.

The second round was of Personal Interview which goes for pre and post-lunch. But I got an opportunity to present myself before the panellist pre-lunch only. My interview was taken by one of the faculty member and it went on for 15 mins approx. The interview started with a                      general question “Tell me something about yourself.” So I was well prepared & answered the question beautifully. The most relevant thing here was that the cross-questioning from me was on the content that I had spoken in my first question. So after facing all the questions my PI was over after 15 mins.

Overall it was a very good and professional experience for me. All the things, right from entering the hotel and leaving it, was well managed and planned by the coordinators. All teachers and coordinators were very helpful and of caring nature. Lastly, I enjoyed it a lot and tick-tock begins for the declaration of the results.

By: Rishi Garg

PGDM Rural Management

Batch: 2020-22

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