India is home to over 6000 B-schools. But how do you choose the right one for you? There are a few factors to consider before making that important choice. Students often make the mistake of evaluating only one or two of those factors.

However, aspects like curriculum, pedagogy, faculty, facilities and placement opportunities all together make institutes worth your time and effort. SIBM Bengaluru is one such institute where your efforts are rewarded with endless career opportunities.

Here are a few advantages to choosing SIBM Bengaluru for your future education:

Advantages of Choosing SIBM Bengaluru

  • Distinct Curriculum: SIBM Bengaluru has a proprietary model called “SC-IE-NCE” that forms the basis of curriculum development. This model combines Student Competence (SC) with Industry Expectations (IE) and arrive at New Courses or Enhancements (NCE). The curriculum goes through two levels of scrutiny – one through internal Board of Studies comprising of Industry Experts, Faculty and Alumni and another through the Board of Studies of the University.
  • Excellent Facilities: SIBM Bengaluru will provide you with world-class infrastructural facilities to support curricular and extracurricular development. State of the art Bloomberg lab provides access to real-time data for market analysis. Data analytics labs are equipped with softwares like SPSS, R, Python, Tableau, etc. The library provides a plethora of resources in the form of books, magazines, E-resources, and various research databases. In order to promote the Symbiosis vision of becoming a health-promoting University, the SIBM Campus has various sports facilities like gym, basketball court, Table Tennis, and Badminton courts, etc. Access to healthcare is provided through on campus medical Centre which is operational 24×7.
  • Pedagogy: Management education is expected to enhance the decision-making skills of the students. This has been achieved at SIBM Bengaluru through the use of Harvard Business Case studies and Simulations. Integration of technology into all aspects of the teaching-learning process is a unique aspect of the pedagogy at SIBM. Industry exposure is enhanced through guest sessions, leadership series, live projects, and corporate competitions.
  • Internships: Practical experience is the best way to validate the knowledge gained through the program. Two Monthlong Summer Internships in the curriculum offer an invaluable opportunity to a student to get hands-on experience in a real corporate environment.
  • Placements: Finally, you must identify the best opportunity for you to start your career. SIBM Bengaluru will provide you with a well-deserved opportunity to begin making an impression in the industry. You will get offers from the industry’s most significant names, ensuring that your career begins with the greatest of advantages.

Programs offered at SIBM Bengaluru

  • MBA – MBA is a two-year degree that is essential for anyone looking to advance up the business ladder. This program aims at providing management education with a “quantitative difference” by focusing on data analytics across all specializations. SIBM Bengaluru offers MBA with 4 distinct specializations namely: Finance, Marketing, Operations and HR.
  • MBA in Quantitative Finance – MBA in Quantitative Finance is a niche program that focuses on financial markets using mathematical modeling approaches. The program serves as a foundation for students to improve mathematical abilities and underlying financial ideas.
  • MBA in Business Analytics – MBA in Business Analytics adopts a unique approach in providing in-depth knowledge and grasp of themes and ideas relevant to data analysis and business intelligence. The purpose of this program is to teach students how to use data efficiently to enhance business choices. The goal of this program is to develop a new generation of Techno managers who are analytical in their approach to business challenges and decision-making.
  • Executive MBA (Part-Time) – Working executives wishing to enhance their careers can choose the Executive MBA program at SIBM, Bengaluru. This program is strategically developed for professionals to address the difficulties and rigors of the modern market world. It prepares functional managers for general management responsibilities by filling knowledge gaps in critical management disciplines.
  • Executive Development Programs (EDPS) – Executive Development Programmes (EDPs) from SIBM Bengaluru are comprehensive programs that provide managers with the knowledge and skills to align their performance with the organizations strategic objectives. Executive Development Programs consist of a variety of deliberate initiatives to improve staff talents in different individual and team management strategies.

Management Education provided at SIBM Bengaluru is based on the SEAT (Sustainability, Ethics, Analytics and Technology) philosophy. Through this philosophy, we aim to create managers who not only excel in areas of analytics and the underlying technology but at the same time are conscious of both ethical issues and sustainability needs of the planet. The resources and opportunities provided at SIBM Bengaluru help the students to enhance their career prospects. The average CTC for students in 2021 was 10.4 LPA with prominent names like Flipkart, Airtel, Mercedes Benz, Oracle, Reliance, Capgemini, JP Morgan Chase & Co., and many others offering the right opportunities.

SIBM Bengaluru has successfully differentiated itself in the field of management education by creating skilled, competitive as well as socially sensitized business professionals. So, visit SIBM Bengaluru and enrol now!

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