SIBM Hyderabad’s Two-Day National Leadership Summit ‘CORPAGANZA’ concludes on a high note

CORPAGANZA, the National Leadership Summit 2021 is an extension to the illustrious legacy of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management – Hyderabad that provides the champions of change (students of SIBM – H), the platform to interact and learn from the industry leaders. The industry stalwarts offer firsthand knowledge, an insight into the vision that creates inquisitiveness in the minds of the students and allow them to explore the unending possibilities in the near future. The 2-day Corporate Extravaganza on 19th and 20th March 2021, is based on the theme The Great Reset: Decoding Leadership will foster the future managers to envision in an industry perspective.

19th March 2021

The eagerly anticipated event was embarked by the auspicious Ganesh Vandana and the lighting ceremony. The lighting of the lamp depicts a beginning to a new start to learn, unlearn and relearn various aspects of leadership. The lamp was lighted by our very own Director Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain, Deputy Director Dr. Shyamsundar Chitta, Campus Administrator Col SS Joshi (Retd), The Student Lead of Corporate Interaction Cell Ms. Sagarika Gupta and the President of the student council Ms. Sayali Ubgade.

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Ramana Prasad Alam, President -Group Strategy and Corporate Planning at Amara Raja Group the keynote speaker who Enlightened us on the topic “Rise of the Dawn: Discovering Strategies for the new age Leader”.

Mr. Ramana Prasad began the session with the quote “Leadership is an art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal”. He highlighted the factors such as alignment, anticipation, adaption, and agile that an organization should follow to become a fit enterprise in order to strive in the fastest-growing economy. He provided an in-depth understanding of the key components of the Kubler Ross change curve model, multi-generation leadership, and emotional intelligence. The overall session was informative and interesting with the active participation from the corporates and students of SIBM-H and other colleges.

Panel Discussion

Panel 1

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”, this quote truly depicts the insights that we have gained from the panel discussion based on the topic “Developing Resilience in an organization, a 360-degree approach to thrive not just survive”. Mr. Amit Garg, Platform and Agile Adoption Lead at, Morgan Stanley orchestrated the flow and pace of the discussion.

We had industry leaders from various industries to enunciate the discussion. Ms. Harpreet A De Singh, Chief Executive Officer at Alliance Air, emphasized on choosing the right people for the organization. Mr. Manoj Chugh, President – Group Public Affair and Member – Group Executive Board at Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd added a different perspective wherein he spoke briefly about attaining a whole-minded individual with a multiplier outlook. Mr. Pavel Chopra, Chief HR Officer BSG and Vigilance Officer at Gati Ltd., highlighted resilience is a key parameter for the future leaders and Mr. Sudipto Mukherjee, Site Director at Berkadia Services India Pvt. Ltd. Enlightened on the 3c’s (creators, collaborators, and coaches) to strive not just survive.

The discussion included various critical areas about success and failure points, key skills. The audience were starstruck by the thought-provoking discussion that the panelist put forward.

Panel 2

The industry experts envisaged the future pillars of the society about “Existence and Significance of a supportive entrepreneurial “

The chair of the panel Mr. Kiran Kumar Naik, Vice President -Sales and Digital Initiatives, US Service Group threw some light on the educational qualification and key skills that generation Z should inculcate. The esteemed panelist who was a part of this panel discussion where Mr. Avanish Mundhra, Founder and CEO at Cantilever Labs highlighted the aspects of aspiration, spirit, and talent to gain a new outlook. Mr. Manish Jha, Group Head-Marketing and Sales India, Africa, Turkey at Briisk accentuated learning and developing on a consistent basis with a
strong emotional intelligence to face the inconsistent times. Mr. Sachin Darbarwar, Founder and CEO at Simple Fresh Pvt Ltd. Emphasized the nuances of identifying the strategic advantages and partnership that entrepreneurs would gain when venturing into sources of funding. Ms. Swetha Chandrasekar, CEO at GTM and Sons Advisory Pvt. Ltd. Impacted us by pointing out the facts that channelizing your will and passion in the right way and explore new
opportunities without a mental block to attain the maximum experience out of it.

The discussion spanned out numerous factors ranging from understanding your inherited capabilities to that of the right investments that one should explore and discover. The session was truly engaging and interactive and the future leaders were enlightened by the discussion. We look forward to more such sessions and future association.

The first day of the summit ended with the students being enthralled by the firsthand experience that they gained from the industry experts.

20th March 2021

Keynote Speaker

Day two of Corpaganza began with the addressing of an eminent keynote speaker Mr. Gaurav Modi who is the EVP and Managing Director of Southeast Asia at Capgemini. He spoke very eloquently on the theme of the discussion which was – “Time Acceleration for Future Leaders”. He covered various topics ranging from the fast-paced environment and how one can adapt to that in the corporate world.

The motive of the session was to understand the process of how organizations along with their employees align their work and ultimately their goal to match their stakeholder’s expectations in a business environment. The session was extremely impactful and gave everyone a lot of food for thought to bring about change in their day-to-day life.

Panel Discussion

Panel 1

The event was taken forward by the panel discussion which was chaired by Mr. Balasubramanya R, Ex Board member and Chief Financial Officer at Indian Management team of Fidelity Investment, India and the Chair of the Panel on 20th March 2021.

We had highly experienced Mr. Rakesh Singhania, CFO of Wells Fargo India; Mr. Jitender Arora, Managing Director and Head Business Risk Management as well as Ms. Sandhya Sharma who is the CFO at Schindler India Pvt. Ltd alongside Mr. Balasubramanya R during the discussion. The topic for the panel discussion was focused on – “Strategic agility in financial leadership and what makes it relevant”.

The main idea of the discussion was to emphasize that the future leaders should have an in-depth understanding of the need of the hour and come up with strategies, financial decisions that focus on sustainability, endurance, and optimization of digital infrastructure at our disposal.

All the members of this panel discussion provided great insights to the students about the importance of leadership and adaptability on whatever hurdle comes in your way. They also spoke in great lengths about the weightage of Sustainability and proper infrastructure which is essential for any organization.

Keynote Speaker

Going forward the event dwelled on the aspect of emotional intelligence and mental health which gained major importance during the unprecedented times, Ms. Anna Chandy , who is a prominent social psychologist and also the founder of Anna Chandy and Associates articulated on the topic “Harnessing Emotional quotients among next generation leaders”.

She spoke about how people need to understand how important it is to harness one’s emotional quotient for the next generation of leaders and what is it that enables a leader to inspire. Ms. Anna also shared about six characteristics which enable people to self- regulate oneself. She mentioned how critical it is to develop healthy responses. It is vital to be able to identify your stressors, then establish boundaries and take time to recharge.

The session was extremely impactful and gave everyone a lot of food for thought to bring about change in their day-to-day life.

Panel Discussion

Panel 2

The last panel discussion for Corpaganza focused on a relevant topic, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant” and the quote depicts clearly the insights we gained from the session. The panel, chaired by Mr. Venkatesh Palabatla, Group Chief Human Resource Officer at Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd., discussed the productivity and feasibility of managing a liquid workforce. We had highly experienced Mr. Raghava Avvari, Head HR at Brane Enterprises Private
Limited express how the greatest and most valuable resource for an organization are its employees and their mismanagement can have drastic effects. Mr. Meka Venkata Chalapathy, Senior director & talent management Head-Hyderabad and EME business vertical at Virtusa Consulting Services Pvt Ltd. Pointed out that there are still many industries and work setups where integrating a liquid workforce is highly improbable. Mr. Sunil Naik, Director Human Resources-India and South Asia, DHL Global forwarding mentioned that the evolution of a work style as well as a workforce can be an effective yet gradual process.

The discussion provided tremendous insights to the students about the changing and ever evolving structure of a workforce and how it may affect the efficiency as well as how feasible it is.

SIBM-Hyderabad extends its immense heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers who graced us with their presence during our national leadership summit Corpaganza and enlightened us on the thought process of leaders and their perspectives on the various impactful topics.

Go-Green Initiative of SIBM-H

In order to bolster the ‘Go Green’ initiative and being a socially, environmentally conscious institute it gives us immense pleasure to associate with the distinguished guests for the ‘Go Green’ initiative that attempts to reinforce the significance of our environment.

We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to all our Event Partners who trusted in our vision and accompanied us throughout this journey leading to a successful event.

The inputs and discussions by the experts from the industry gave us a lot to ponder upon as well as familiarized us with the leadership attributes and how to inculcate them as part of our personality. We look forward to having more such interesting and engaging sessions with industry leaders and carry forward the legacy of fostering corporate relations in the times to come.

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