Shake a leg at Home During the Pandemic

The global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has confined most of us to our homes. But should home quarantine make us sedentary?

Of course, we skip gyms as we are not sure who visits the gym If you have space and moneyor whether we can keep a safe distance between other gymmers. However, there is no reason to stop physical activities just because we do not step out.

How does one remain physically active indoors?

Easier said than done, you say. How in the world am I expected to remain physically active when I am not allowed to step outside my house?

There are plenty of exercises that can be done in the confines of the house. While it feels good to go outdoors for many exercises, at present we need to look at how we can keep ourselves active and fit at home.


We do not stop walking.  This is just a basic movement. You can walk briskly for 20 to 30 minutes within the house. Keep walking all over the house when you talk on the phone. Find as many reasons as possible to continue walking at different times during the day. 


All you need is a little space for a mat and you are ready for yoga. If you have not learnt yoga, find someone to tutor you online. Anyone can do this with the right guidance. But do not attempt yoga if you have not learnt it, or cannot find an instructor. The wrong way of doing any exercise, including yoga, can injure you. 


Aerobics can be done at home too. You can download videos for any level. They give step-by-step instructions, which you can follow easily.  Jogging on the spot is also a good physical activity.


Play some hip-hop music and dance alone or ask a family member to join. In fact, if all the members join in, it will be a fun activity too!

Cycle / treadmill

If you have space and money to invest in a stationary cycle or treadmill, it is well worth its salt. You can do these cardio exercises at home without any instructor too.

Squats, sit-ups, push-ups, stretches

Squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and stretches can be done at home. Download videos that teach you how to do these from basics.  Standing in one spot for a length of time is an exercise in itself. 

Household chores

You must do as many of the household chores like mopping, dusting, washing windows, laundry, etc. as possible. Some of them let you exercise different body parts.

The double benefit of completing a chore while getting some exercises done ought to motivate you enough. There is no dearth of chores at home, and you can do these without having to look for an exercise.

Just keep active by looking for whatever activities you can engage in. Ask friends or family members to join online at a designated time and do an exercise as a group activity. This bonding will release some adrenalin while shedding a few calories.

It is crucial to remain physically active. While fitness may not prevent a virus attack, it definitely contributes to keeping your immune system healthy. Keep fit and stay safe at home. 

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