Online/Offline Debate: My Take on Learning During the Pandemic – IMT Nagpur

When i thought of pursuing MBA after an academic break of seven years and a work experience of 4 years, multiple questions popped in my mind- like, what should be the mode online or offline, should i go for a full-time MBA or an executive MBA, which is the best stream market-oriented or passion-driven etc. Following the elimination method, the result came out to be two-year MBA, in finance, the subject of my choice. The rationale behind the same were- Focused and controlled setting, Regular guidance and mentorship of astute faculty, peer-to-peer learning, Involvement in co-curricular activities, career transition with the managerial approach and finally learning leadership from every direction.

As it is said, “Change is the only constant”, each one of us witnessed the same where all our rationale goes for a toss. The pandemic ended up making us homebound and my second year followed the online mode of learning. Now at the verge of finishing the course with decent placement, this appears as a door to rethinking, reapproaching, and readopting the methodologies we were used to following. Flexible working hours, maximum output with limited resources, distance managerial approach, tech awareness, clear functional communication, effective utilization, and multiple involvements, changed assessment criteria and methodologies are some of the skills, which I got equipped with by the online mode of MBA and Internship.

– Pooja Kumari,
PGDM 2019-21,
IMT Nagpur.

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