MBA: Worth Considering even During Uncertain Times

The uncertainty revolving around the future has been instigated by the global health pandemic, causing devastating aftermaths on the world population and the distinct sectors altogether.

What is happening at the current moment has never been witnessed before and possesses the power to turn the business world through a 360-degree angle.

Therefore, this moment would be moulded into several case studies and will be presented to hundreds of young professionals in the business schools for the coming years.

In a recent webinar, the assistant dean of the Career Development Office at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Christy Murray, expressed her views on the transformational aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the business schools and future strategies.

Young professionals applying at business schools across the globe are most likely to wonder whether they would be able to attend regular classes on the campus.  Well, different schools have been adopting different strategies.

In-person classes are likely to make a comeback; however, that is not the only option available. With a massive transformation of technology post the widespread of the virus, the quality of online courses has increased massively.

Several business schools and management institutions rushed towards implementing online courses, sessions and learning platforms post the lockdown.

With a notable momentum in the sphere of e-learning in the past few years, eminent institutions including the Illinois Gies College of Business have been switching their regular courses in fully online learning facilities. The MBA program at the institution was converted into a fully online programme back in 2016.

The Illinois college wanted individuals from different corners of the world to access the top-notch MBA courses, therefore, converting it into a fully online source was an eminent step. It is extensively difficult for working professionals to stop their jobs and turn towards the college for pursuing further education.

With the assistance of academic leaders, instructors, global mentors and the digital support of media specialists, the idea of transforming a classroom course into a high-quality, affordable programme was made easily possible.

During uncertain times like these, an MBA programme still does not lose its value. Earning an MBA degree does not only let an aspirant earn a degree but also constructs a wide networking range of leaders and professionals around them.

With hundreds of participants in a live Zoom session, the chance of interaction is comparatively less, however, with the creation of smaller groups and discussion teams, engagement becomes prompt and of greater value.

Therefore, the authorities have been working rigorously to curb the challenges offered by the digital platforms while offering maximum opportunities to the aspirants.

During a residential programme, students are broken into groups for projects and further activities. However, with the new virtual platform, aspirants are exposed to a wider group of people with diverse perspectives, opinions and mindsets.

Since individuals are connected from around the world, they are exposed to a wider range of perspectives while simultaneously transforming their ideas in a better direction.

The virtual MBA programmes have been designed to acknowledge the comfort of the students while living in different time zones and workforces. Therefore, creating a balance is often considered as a hideous task. Balancing workforce, responsibilities and personal lives is a tough job and therefore requires utmost energy levels and contribution.

With a flexible schedule to the virtual MBA programmes, the weekly live sessions make it possible to aspirants, especially female candidates, to plot their time table accordingly without a sheer struggle. Moreover, all the programs are archived.

Virtual MBA programme also aims at diminishing the gender discrimination and gender bias issue prevalent in society. Gender diversity is encouraged, and females are provided with a ‘less-competitive’ atmosphere to express their views on issues and work independently.

Researches show that physical classrooms allow men to dominate women with their highly-resonating views and communication abilities.

This tends to disturb the overall gender diversity approach adopted by several institutions. With virtual classes, the psychological barriers are reduced, allowing women to resonate the same power as that of the other gender.


Young professionals are planning to join an MBA school and connecting with current students to know more about the prevailing situation and the overall effects of the global pandemic on the industries and academic learning activities.

Forte’s Vice President of Marketing & Operations, Mariska Morse advises students to connect with other MBA aspirants or recent alumni to get a glimpse of the present industry and business sphere. Forte is a non-profit organisation which aims at creating a balance in the workforce.

With 100000+ women participants from distinct backgrounds and careers, the organisation has been helping women to achieve MBA studies. The organisation has been polishing the skill sets of the women to make them the leaders of tomorrow.

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    Hello! Master of Business Management (MBA) is a specialization program that focuses on the various aspects of business administration and management. An MBA degree can help you to launch a progressive career in the business domain as well as increase your brand value before potential recruiters. Since MBA offers specialization in many different business and management streams, it is essential to weigh all the pros and cons of each before making a hasty decision. To maximize your returns from the MBA degree, you must first do a little research and gather a rough idea about what the different courses teach the career options associated with them and the salary packages for top job roles. Below are the top 10 Managerial jobs you can get after an MBA degree that belong to different industries. You can consider these after your MBA. 1. Marketing Manager With an MBA in marketing, you can become a marketing manager in a company that sells products or provides services. Your main job would be to manage the marketing department and market the products & services to increase sales. 2. Sales Manager Sales is the most important aspect of a business, making the position of sales manager very important. They run the sales departments and have to ensure all salespeople meet sales targets increasing direct sales. 3. HR Manager In mid-size and large companies, HR departments are necessary for the smooth functioning of the company. They are the ones who ensure the right people are hired and the existing employees of the company are happy. 4.Finance Advisor For this profession, you will need to do MBA finance, and gain a few years of experience working in the finance industry. As a finance advisor, you will provide investment and capital management advice companies or individuals in exchange for a fee. 5.Business Analyst This an upcoming profession that needs to be considered seriously. A business analyst makes use of data analytics to provide insights into the past, present, and future of a business. These analytics are used to make important business decisions. The business analyst will soon be one of the most important professions. 6.Investment Banker Investment bankers help companies raise large amounts of capital. They are financial experts who, through various means, help companies raise capital and expand their businesses. Investment bankers are some of the highest-paid professionals in the MBA world. 7.Business Development Manager A business development manager develops and grows business through various methods. They are supposed to help with marketing, sales, and even make profitable collaborations. Business development managers are very important to take the business to the next level. 8.Project Manager Project managers are the people in charge of a certain project. They have to manage all the people involved in the project. They have to plan and execute the project and ensure the project is a success. 9. Business Consultant Business consultants are professionals whose services businesses hire. They provide consultation services on all matters pertaining to business. One can become eligible for this position after an MBA and getting ample experience in the business world. 10.Chief Technology Officer Technology is now an integral part of all businesses irrespective of the nature of business. A CTO is a person who looks after all the technical aspects of the business. They are also responsible for the incorporation of new technology. You need to have good eye technology for this position. With MBA comes different specializations as well, each specialization offers different career perspective as well. What I have discussed are the general job roles for simple MBA. With this comes a hidden concern which academic partner to choose whenever we look forward with MBA, first thing that strikes is IIM, but it’s not just IIM, there are various other options as well. There is MBA beyond IIMS too, some top universities like SPJMER, SIBM, ISB, Great Lakes and LPU have taken it to another level altogether, you must check out their websites. Recently I got to know that LPU has come up with few of the leading MBA specializations such as ; MBA (Business Analytics) with WileyNXT MBA (Financial Markets) with NSE Academy MBA (Supply Chain & Logistics) with Safeducate LPU has done tie up with WileyNXT, NSE and Safeeducate that make students industry ready from Day 1 and also assures 100% placements as well. I hope this helps.All the Best!
    September 2020