RRB NTPC Mains Preparation Tips & Strategy

India Railway considered one of the largest employers in India does not leave behind graduates from non-technical backgrounds. There are a lot of opportunities to get good jobs with chances of growth. One such category under Indian Railway is of non-technical jobs popularly known as Non-Technical Popular Categories (RRB NTPC)

Excited to start your career with it? Well, it’s not a cakewalk. You need to prepare well to compete against lakhs of others who too are trying for the same post.

There are several types of posts you can apply to are Commercial Apprentice, Station Master, Goods guard Senior Clerk cum Typist, Senior Commercial cum ticket clerk, Junior Clerk cum typist, trains clerk, senior timekeeper, etc.

Now you work hard and clear your Prelims. One step closer! Preparation almost done as the syllabus for Mains is almost similar to Prelims. A little more hard work and you can clear it too.

The exam pattern for RRB NTPC Mains is divided as follows:

  1. General Awareness: 50
  2. Quantitative Aptitude: 35
  3. Reasoning: 35

The number of questions has increased but time is still 90 minutes. Let’s adopt a comprehensive preparation strategy.

General Awareness

Again for those who didn’t like Social Science in their schools, a little effort will ensure to touch these subjects once you get a job you want. Brush up your political science, geography and history lessons and half your work is done. Study for General Awareness should not be strenuous as we should be aware of current affairs despite the exams. Get a hard copy or online subscription to newspaper and magazine. Ensure that you read a newspaper (hard copy or online) at least for an hour. Take it a little light on weekends by going through a political magazine with a cup of coffee.

Sit in an area you where you would feel refreshed and spend time reading the magazine and it will come handy for your exams.

Quantitative Aptitude

Practice makes the man perfect and that’s the mantra to ace this section. Take out your old books or borrow your siblings’ to prepare for it.

Ensure to not take up all the chapters together. You can divide it into sections like commercial maths, basic algebra, probability, and time-distance sections.

Give yourself a target from two days to a week to finish a section based on your level of comfort with it. Never read formulas. Write them down or in fact, you could paste on a wall so that you can continuously read and revise.

This is also a tricky section as your time management skills come to play here.  Give yourself a target you completing a stipulated number of questions in a particular time and be your own critic for time management. Learn to move on to the next if you can’t solve more. Do not stick to one.


For many, this comes as a fun section to attempt but that in no way means no practice or taking it lightly. There is no rocket science for this section. It is mainly on a person’s reasoning and logical aptitude and his ability to quickly solve tricky questions. When you exhaust yourself with Science and maths and have done reading day’s news, you can jump to this section. You can also take it as a break between two difficult sections.

This, however, doesn’t mean that there are no complicated sections in reasoning. It differs from person to person. You can always start with easy sections like blood relations, directions, and series and then move on to syllogisms, seating arrangements and puzzles.

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General Tips

Every human being is different and the general tips of time management and healthy sleeping apply differently to everyone.

You can decide whether to study in day or night, but do not compromise your body’s need for adequate sound sleep.

Similarly, you have to allocate time for preparing for different sections according to your capabilities and comfort levels but do not ignore anyone for another.

The last tip to all: Revise but don’t go through all your lessons at once before the exam and stress yourself. Take short notes while preparing and go through them once as revision and do not touch them again.

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