Role Of B-Schools In Professional Development, Ft. FORE

Management institutes and B Schools should be imparting “business and management competencies” to students. After all, while enrolling in any B School, MBA candidates anticipate the improvement of their knowledge and skills. B School will not last long if it does not provide professional development to its pupils. At FORE School, the sole objective of faculty members is to create professionals who can thrive, sustain and perform in the dynamic professional world with ever-changing business situations. To do so, the management institution must develop and adapt to changes in the business environment. Knowledge transmission mechanisms must develop. The assessment procedure must also change.

Scores and numbers can no longer be the primary sign of potentially strong management qualities, which is one of the reasons FORE School gives CAT scores a bit less weightage around 35% during admissions. It was discovered that not all CEOs were toppers in college, based on the enormous pool of graduates distributed around the world.

FORE is always attempting to remain ahead of the learning curve via regular assessment of curriculum contents and re-scaling of teaching approach, which is why it has continually been seen as a ‘talent bank’ by recruiters.

The admissions process in sync with the industry: The selection process at FORE is transparently designed to select potentially bright candidates. As mentioned above, it is believed that candidates with higher test scores may not always necessarily have the potential managerial qualities. Weightage is given to other skill sets like relevant professional understanding, accountability & communication skills and other personality attributes of the student. During the admission selection process, senior business leaders from corporates and alumni are invited as external panellists to assess the candidate from an industry perspective and make the process more transparent.

Various Clubs, Center of Excellence and Activities: Student clubs and activities also play an essential part in management learning at FORE School of Management; all such activities are self-directed by the students. Through organising a series of activities throughout the year, students are encouraged to improve their management, leadership, and critical thinking abilities. This seeks to provide students with hands-on experience interfacing with the business world, working in teams, planning and organising budgets, managing events, and developing decision-making abilities.

Industry Friendly Courses and Curriculum: FORE School provides a two-year full-time PGDM, PGDM IB, PGDM (Financial Management), and PGDM (Big Data Analytics) curriculum created by experts and business mentors.FORE also provides a one-of-a-kind 15-month Post Graduate Diploma in Management programme for executives known as the PGDM (Executive). It is a full-time General Management Programme explicitly intended for experienced middle-level working professionals.

Big Data Analytics has found widespread use in today’s digital environment of increasing data and automation. Analytics skills are becoming a significant differentiation for CEOs and businesses alike.

With the financial services industry expanding at such a rapid pace, young professionals are in high demand. There has never been a better moment to pursue a management degree in finance, with corporates making significant offers to PGDM (FM) candidates.

Faculty and Pedagogy: More than 90% of faculty at FORE have Ph.D.s from IITs, IIMs, JNU, FMS, and prestigious overseas colleges, with more than 60% having business experience. Lectures, talks, case studies, simulations, group discussions, experiential learning, special sessions from industry leaders, management games, sensitivity training, and management films are all part of the pedagogy.

An exceptional faculty, which serves as FORE’s backbone, is responsible for delivering high-quality education. Fore offers 54 full-time faculty members who are a great blend of pure academics and industry specialists, some bridging the gap between the two.

Inspiring Graduates: Among the ‘FORE Achiever Alumni Network’ of 6000+ alumni working in 90 countries worldwide.

Placements: Every year, FORE School students are placed in Fortune 500 organisations worldwide. FMCG, Finance, FSI, IT/ITeS, and Consulting were among the top offerings this year, followed by Market Research, Pharma, Banking, Automobile, E-Commerce, Telecom, Media, and Manufacturing. The Summer Internship experience for the batch 2019-21 was thrilling, with recruiters such as Accenture, Deloitte, HSBC, GEP, Nestle, Genpact, Hughes Systique, Indospirit, KPMG, GET Global Boston Scientific, Wall Street Advisory & Siemens, MyMoneyMantra, and others.

For The Current Batch Of 2020-22: The highest pay package offered has been INR 41 Lakh per annum: FORE’s emphasis on industry-ready education is reflected in various ways, including its placement track record. The career trajectories of its alumni and FORE’s ranking of 21 (up from 26th last year) among institutions of repute in GO (Graduation Outcome Scores), which includes placement as one of the components in the NIRF Ranking. Despite the pandemic, the placement statistics for the batches 2019-2021 and 2020-22 have been exceptional, despite the upheaval, a weak economy, and virtual placements. 

Corporate Mentors: Classes at FORE School are currently running in the Hybrid model. Corporate mentor – Corporate Interaction between various Chief Marketing Officer, Vice-President, Partner, Global Consulting, CEO and others to the students weekly or monthly to enhance skills.

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