Immersing in Tech and Management with an MBA-Technology from SME IIT Jodhpur

It was late February of 2020 and I was flipping through the pages of a newspaper one morning when I came across a new MBA program that was being launched by IIT Jodhpur. As I read more, I realized that this was not just any regular MBA program but one that offered students the opportunity to major in technology along with the core functional specializations like marketing, finance, operations, strategy and HR. Not only that, for students who wished for some international exposure, the program offered them the opportunity to pursue dual degree with one year of education at IIT Jodhpur and the second year at the partner universities. All these factors motivated me to apply for the program.

When I made it through the selection process, I was happily surprised by the diversity of my batch. Students had joined from all corners of the country, some had years of work experience under their belt while some were freshers. Many of them had a very unique pedigree. We were a bunch of engineering, economics and science graduates who had joined hands to build brand SME – IIT Jodhpur.

We were fortunate to have some of the best professors/industry practitioners as our faculty for all the courses. They made SME feel like one big family and not merely a B-school. Being a part of the placement committee, I am deeply grateful to all our corporate partners who placed their trust in us. Thanks to their confidence in us and the mettle of my batchmates, we were able to achieve 100% summer internship placements in the year of inception itself. I had the fantastic opportunity of interning at Tata Elxsi and Stanza Living’s marketing department and RightWalk Foundation. This helped me put into practice what I had studied in my classes, handle work pressure and make good friends.

There are very few people who can say that they were a part of the foundation batch. I feel proud when I say that I am from SME – IIT Jodhpur’s foundation batch. Building it from the ground up, no doubt we faced our share of turbulence, but all of that culminated in building a school which will soon have its graduates entering the corporate world, making meaningful contributions, within India and abroad.

Life on campus is surreal. IIT Jodhpur’s campus is vast, beautifully built and bustling with flora and fauna. To share a particular incident, I can never forget how a deer accompanied me at a distance when I was strolling around the campus one fine evening! This is only one of the many beautiful memories I have made here. The entire IIT Jodhpur fraternity is like one family. It is common to witness camaraderie among students of all programs, be it B.Tech, M.Tech, MSc, MBA or PhD.

IIT Jodhpur’s MBA program is the place to be if one wishes to study with some of the brightest minds, be taught by an excellent set of faculty, experience the magnificence of the campus and make beautiful connections for life.

About the author

Vanya Tripathi

She has secured campus placement from IIT Jodhpur’s School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME) as a Consultant in Deloitte.

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