R.I.P. Delhi Braveheart

It’s not only about Jagruti or Jyoti or Amanat or Nirbhaya or Damini or the Delhi braveheart, the way they call her, its about every single women of India. A year has passed by. New laws have been made. But that hasn’t changed anything. Rapes still occur. Not too many days have passed when I open the newspaper and not notice a rape news. So, will this never stop? Will our country never be the same again? The rich, the prosperous, the pure, the religious? Yes, it can stop. Our nation can be the same again. But how? The answer is by changing your own mindset. No number of protests or laws will change anything unless you change. Its me and you who has to change the way we look at women, the way we treat them. Unless we don’t do this, women will suffer. So, lets change. Lets take a moral oath today to purify the nation by purifying our self.’I, Indian men, do swear, that I will defend every Indian women from all the enemies including myself. And I will treat her with all the respect and dignity that she deserves.’

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