I am blessed!!

It was breezy cold night at Surat Railway station almost a week ago. I was waiting for my train to arrive at 3:30 am at platform no. 3. Platform was still crowded with people covered with Shawls and Sweaters, some gathered as group waiting to board the train, some sleeping on platform and chairs. With continuous announcements and noises banging on my head, I settled down on an empty seat. In front of me, there were two living things sleeping unattended on platform. My mind was full of thoughts. The endless questionnaire about my future plans, marriage plans, MBA plans and a lot. I was feeling life is very complicated for me.

As announcement spread across the platform about expected arrival of train, I realized the place. That two living things started moving and came out of shawl slowly. It was couple, whose cloths looks like unwashed since long time, lady’s hair was uncombed and scattered over her head and guy’s look was scary. She started folding their shawls slowly and put those into their bags. Now Guy got up and looked around. He bended over his arm in search of something he was looking for. I was watching all. Then I realized that couple is suffering from blindness. He was looking for his wife to hold her and make her stand with his support. He got her so softly and made her stand aside. Then he bended to get carpet, on which couple was sleeping, folded it diligently and pushed it into the bag. At the end of these, guy put on one bag on his shoulder and lady picked up the other and there was simple smile on both faces. They started walking slowly on the platform holding hands together and disappeared.

I was looking at those mighty souls and was wondering, if life is really complicated to me, what is called for those who are less privileged physically and/or mentally? The kind of problems and situations they face in everyday life. How difficult would be for them to live a normal life in society where there is not place for disabled persons? We are completely ignoring their existence at everywhere whether it is public transportation, health system, education, jobs, social gathering and you name it. But still the couple has made his way of life and made no expectations to privileged world. I realized I am blessed.

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