Rewarding opportunities in real estate and construction

Rewarding opportunities in real estate and construction

• Be engaged in a sector that contributes 17.5% to India’s GDP

• With an average of 4 million professionals needed in the sector every year over the next 10 years, employment opportunities in built environment are numerous

• Work on amazing projects and help create structures that can define a city or location and be termed as modern marvels or icons

• Make the right career choice in a sector that is currently witnessing an 80% shortage of trained professionals and hungry to hire young talent

Professionals who work in real estate and construction play a crucial role in shaping the world we live in and are needed now more than ever.The built environment sector which constitutes real estate, construction and infrastructure accounts for 70% of global wealth and offers numerous employment opportunities, both in value and volume.

However, there is much more to built environment than just brokerage services and construction development as opposed to popular public belief. Career choices are diverse and exciting, providing the opportunity to travel the world, work on a vast array of projects and earn a great salary, while making a valuable contribution to the economies and societies of the world.

Unfortunately, until recently the awareness levels of the kind of opportunities available had been fairly low. It’s only with the sector seeing sustained activity and its relevance to the nation building process, that individuals are realizing the prospects available to pursue a challenging career across the development lifecycle.

We are all well versed with the relevance of finance to a business or industry. The banking and the financial services sector is an integral part of the real estate and construction process too and directly linked to real estate mortgages, due diligence, acquisitions, investments, restructuring etc. All these aspects require trained professionals with particular skill sets to be engaged either as investment or asset managers or investment bankers or valuers or credit managers etc. and work with valuation firms, IPC’s, development firms, private equity funds, asset management, investment banking firms etc.

Given the nature of work that one has to perform, it is imperative that a person understands the nuances of the market and has the requisite skills to work in these positions. Even employers think the same. “For the BFSI sector, it is critical that the people we employ have strong understanding of fundamental principles of real estate investments, valuation and finance,” says Sanjay Gupta, MD, Punjab National Bank Housing Finance Ltd.

In addition to these, there can be roles that are directly related to project construction and site management. Development firms engaged in project development hire construction firms to carry out the work on ground, which in turn depend on management professionals to finish the required project. Growing complexities of projects requires skilled professionals. Says Lorimer A. Doig, Director, Langdon and Seah Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. and member of RICS South Asia Board, “Given the large scale of infrastructure projects being constructed in India, specialized cost and project management concepts and skills are invaluable in ensuring construction projects are completed on schedule and on budget. Professionals with clear concepts on planning, procurement and value engineering will be required to monitor such projects.”

Here, construction project managers, site managers, and quantity surveyors can lend their expertise and experience. Additionally building control managers can help provide professional advice on the design, maintenance, repair and refurbishment of buildings, where the nature of the work can vary in scale from multi-million dollar structures to modest adaptations and repairs.

Therefore an incredibly wide variety of specialized career options such as investment/ asset/project management, corporate real estate & infrastructure, valuation or credit management, leasing, development and construction exist within the sector. Given that education within the sector has not kept pace with the needs of the industry, RICS School of Built Environment has been established as a specialized School within Amity University, Noida campus to fill this widening skills gap and bring in quality education for the sector.

Being an industry led academic institution with the support of 200 organizations within the sector and also from the Ministry of Urban Development; young graduates will get placed with some of the best firms within the sector. Admissions are open for BBA and MBA courses! There are limited seats. Enroll now to build a strong career!

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