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When the second edition of the PGP-Business will start?

The PGPB will commence on July 8th with the opening week while on July 15th students will begin their pre-courses in Accounting, Economics and Quantitative Methods. Applications will be accepted and evaluated until June 28th 2013.

Which is the essence of the PBP-Business at MISB Bocconi?

The PGPB offers the experience, the international outlook and the multicultural environment essential for an international career in a global economy. At MISB Bocconi the combination of theory and practice encourages students to have a creative and problem-solving approach; the international exposure through the campus abroad in USA or Asia and the exchange semester in Milan educates them to succeed at a local and global level as well as to have a grasp over cultural intricacies. In a nutshell, the challenge of the PBP-Business is to educate people to combine strong Indian roots and Indian culture with a global view.

Is there any difference with the faculty teaching in Bocconi Milan? There is no difference at all since the teaching faculty here in Mumbai is permanent and composed of professors that already teach at SDA Bocconi Milan. Indeed, the MISB Bocconi faculty is composed of top international professors, selected on the basis of their research, communication skills, personal charisma, academic achievements, reputation in the business community, and professional experience. The combination of several nationalities represented in the Faculty body and the different teaching styles will help students to strengthen their cross cultural skills and to develop a multicultural approach to business.

Which global opportunities will MISB Bocconi provide to its students? As a major international school of management, Bocconi is engaged in an active and prestigious network of exchanges, collaborations and interactions with its peer institutions. The International Exchange Program offers selected candidates the opportunity to spend the last months of the program at prestigious institutions. Bocconi has a comprehensive exchange program with over 200 partner institutions around the globe. MISB Bocconi benefits from this incredible platform and offers selected candidates the opportunity to spend one month at top international business school (Campus Abroad) and an entire semester at Bocconi in Milano (Exchange Semester), to further enrich their curriculum and personal skills and to specialize in their most preferred field of business.

Could you shed some light on the corporate network of MISB Bocconi in India?

A large number of Indian and international companies are already part of Bocconi corporate network and MISB is recreating the same atmosphere here in Mumbai. This year MISB Bocconi have hosted speeches and presentations conducted by a large number of CEO and professionals from both multinational and Indian companies. The list of guest speakers who have been visiting the campus this year includes representatives from UBS Investment Bank, Aditya Birla Group, CRISIL rating division, Infosys, Future Generali India Life Insurance, ICICI Bank, JP Morgan, Casa Decor, Deloitte, Mahindra Asset Management and Accenture.

As far as concern the Summer Placement the list of companies that recruited PGPB students includes: Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Go Air, MCX Stock Exchange, Merck Sharpe and Dohme (MSD), Luxottica, Ferrero, SAS Institute, KPMG, BNP Paribas, Simbus Technologies, DY Works, Yen capital, Deutsche Bank, TARZ Distributors India, SREI Infra Finance, Help Your NGO, Tata Consultancy Services, Piaggio Vehicles India, FIAT Group, Magneti Marelli, Prysmiam, Techint, HSBC, Nokia Siemens Network, Walmart, Larsen & Toubro, Tata Steel, Casa Decor, Dynamic Electronics.

What about the MISB Bocconi campus in Mumbai? Mumbai is the hub of corporate activity in India, home to several successful corporations and businesses. Besides the favorable professional environment, the city offers a vibrant and international atmosphere and lots of cultural and recreational opportunities. MISB Bocconi is located in Hiranandani Gardens, close to Powai lake, in a beautiful area with modern amenities and good residential facilities. The School’s infrastructure meets the highest international standards that already are a feature of Bocconi Milan: State of the art classrooms, designed to maximize interaction; Advanced eLearning facilities for the sharing of papers, presentations and videos; Superior video-conferencing platform for across campus collaboration and for speeches from the headquarters of industry professionals located in Asia, Europe or United States; Digital Media, Library and data access facilities. Bocconi have the largest European archive of books and articles concerning business and economics topics, with most of them accessible online; Study areas for group-work and team skills development; Access Free for our students to the exclusive Hiranandani sport and recreational facilities in Powai area.

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