If you are an MBA aspirant willing to get your degree in 2021-23 then don’t let the pandemic stop you from going for it. As for the question that keeps arising of “Is it a Good Idea to do an MBA During A Pandemic?” We have a clear solution for this.

Yes, the pandemic has forced governments across the world to enforce lockdowns. The economy in most countries went into a slowdown mode owing to little or no business. The low economy led to companies reacting to the situation adversely. While some firms force-shut because of a lull in turnover, others resorted to partial closing. Few companies could bear the brunt of the economic meltdown. The cascading effect was job losses for some and reduced salaries for others. Companies also stopped recruiting.

Some firms began to pick up business and profit gradually. Those who accepted the situation and took proactive measures survived. People who knew how to tackle the crisis not only kept their jobs but also picked up dividends. Employers encouraged employees to conduct business virtually and rewarded those who helped in increasing the company’s turnover.

Will doing an MBA during the pandemic boost a student’s chances of recruitment?

The job market may not be at its best, but the situation is temporary. While you keep waiting for companies to start hiring, you need to enhance your qualifications too. Use your time during the lockdown to your advantage. Upscaling yourself is a great way to get ahead of the game.
A postgraduate degree in management will enhance your leadership skills and whet your enterprise. The assignments, live projects, case studies, and internships in the program prepare you to deal with situations in the corporate world. In this scheme of things, the MBA is more than a passport to a job. It is the catalyst that will take you to the victory stand.

To get better clarity on this topic, attend an exclusive webinar on “Relevance of an MBA in Pandemic Times” by FLAME University, Pune for all MBA aspirants.

The webinar is designed to address questions like:
– What is the relevance of an MBA degree in such times?
– How does it need to adapt to the new normal?
– How does an MBA today ensure that budding business managers are equipped to deal with emerging challenges and opportunities?

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Speaker: Shankar Muralidharan, Associate Director, Admissions Outreach, FLAME University

About FLAME University:

FLAME University being the pioneer of Liberal Education in India, urges its students to engage with multiple disciplines in order to view issues from different perspectives leading to deeper understanding and better solution of problems. At the core of its educational experience, it emphasizes on lifelong learning, critical thinking, tolerance, and good citizenship. It does this in a participatory, personalized environment which provides a transformational experience for its students with the motivation and skills to change the world for the better.

FLAME University offers Post-Graduate programs which include:

The two-year, full-time postgraduate degree program is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). Besides, the institution has also been accepted into the highly acclaimed CFA University Affiliation Program. The program is committed to develop management professionals who are competent in their chosen domain, sensitive to the environment and culture, responsible to the communities, ethical in all doings and global in their outlook and approach. One can choose dual specializations from areas of Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations and Entrepreneurship.

MBA (Communications Management)
This two-year residential postgraduate degree program is participative and interactive. The program is tailored to train students for challenging careers in media and communication management. The emergence of digital media has made communication the core of marketing and has led to career paths centered on the theme of managing communication. This program offers specializations in new age fields like Digital Marketing & Communications apart from traditional communications fields like Advertising & Branding and Film & Television Management.

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