An electrician in the state of Punjab submits the application form for the Punjab State Education Board Golden Chance Examination after 15 years. He had appeared for Class 10th Board Examinations in the year 2004 and had failed in the subjects English and Mathematics. Despite the high application fees for the Golden Chance Examination, he realized the value of the examination and has paid the application fee from his savings.

Zorawar Sigh, 31, working as an electrician making Rs 20,000 per month applies for the Punjab State Education Board’s Golden Chance Examination that will be conducted this year. On a casual day, Zorawar Singh happens to find a yellow marks sheet neatly folded in a polythene bag in his almirah, his class 10th Board Examination Marks Sheet back from 2004.

The word ‘re-appear’ boldly written for the subjects English and Mathematics. However, he never went for the ‘re-appear examinations’ and instead of starting working as a  helper in a factory for Rs 2,200 a month.

Zorawar Singh says ‘’the situations at home were such that I could not apply for the re-appear examinations as my father lost his vision and wasn’t earning at that time. My brother also did not pass his Class 10 Board examinations, and both parents being illiterate, no one forced or encouraged me to study again’’.

‘’I never thought that I would need this marks shet ever again in my life. Today I realize its true value when I applied for the Golden Chance Examination’’, he added.

‘’I wasn’t a weak student at that time, but God knows what happened in English and Mathematics’’, in a funny way as he shows his mark sheet that says Social Science – 51 marks, Hindi – 33, Punjabi – 69 and Science – 40. His wife Sanmeet has qualified her class 10 Board Examinations and says ‘’He should prepare for the examination now and at least have a class 10 certificate.’’

The biggest challenge for Zorawar Singh was to pay the application fee of Rs 15000 for the Punjab State Education Board Golden Chance Examination as it was more than half of his monthly salary. However, he managed to pay the fees through his savings; it was necessary for him.

‘’I wasn’t aware of the Golden Chance Examination in the year 2011 and did not want to miss the opportunity this time’’, says Zorawar. He further added saying that ‘’I am a well-experienced electrician and capable of repairing anything, be it Ac, Fridge or Television, but I am nothing on papers and documents.’’

If Zorawar manages to qualify the Class 10 Board Examination this time, he will be the second one in his family to have a class 10 certificate after his younger sister. Zorawar Singh has consulted his friend Gagandeep Singh, who is a post-graduate before applying for the Golden Chance Examination. Gagandeep Singh said ‘’I did not want to discourage Zorawar despite knowing the latest syllabus would be difficult for him.’’

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