Press Release- IIM Udaipur Accelerator Programme 

In a recent update, IIM Udaipur Incubation Centre has announced the third Cohort of Launch-n-Zoom Accelerator Program for start-ups.

The IIM Udaipur Accelerator Programme has been launched by IIM Udaipur with support from DST and aims at uplifting start-ups and entrepreneurs with necessary mentoring and resources.

The 3-month IIM Udaipur  accelerator programme also aims at providing support to start-ups in terms of finance, market channels, resources, standardisation, etc. among others.

With the assistance of the IIM Udaipur accelerator programme, start-ups can grow rapidly while simultaneously opening doors for scaling. Start-ups with ready business models or prototype can become a part of the programme and access several services relevant to their spheres.

Programme at a glimpse 

IIM Udaipur’s ‘Launch-n-Zoom 3.0’ Accelerator programme aims at enhancing entrepreneurship skills of participants, thus, helping them boost their start-up and its growth revenues.

The programme is based on a mentoring session by mentors and coaches relevant to the participant’s start-up sector.

Moreover, the mentoring sessions will be delivered through driven coaching hours, networking with fellow participants, mentors, investors, etc. along with virtual classroom sessions.  

The selection to the accelerator programme is based on the potential the start-up ideation holds. Further, based on the start-up’s potential, the entrepreneurs are selected for the 12-week programme commencing from the first week of November.

The 3-month programme is based on an interactive and intensive learning session along with practical exposure to the industries.

Through mentoring and networking sessions, participants can open pathways for upscaling their businesses, along with better profit resources.

Participants, along with their business prototypes, will be allowed to take part in DIY exercises to help understand their customers better and further opening of relevant marketing and sales channels.

Moreover, the participants will also be able to refine their services while making the entire idea more relevant to their specific customer segments.

Major Takeaways from the Accelerator Programme 

After the completion of the entire 3-month programme, high potential start-ups will be selected for further grooming. The entire business model of the start-up will be redefined, and participants will be prepared to pitch their ideas in front of the investor and industry mentors.

Pitching their growth stories will allow the participants to find relevant investors and industry support. Apart from access to investors and industry exposure, selected start-ups will also be able to access financial assistance of up to Rs 1 lakh Rapid Prototyping Support.

A $10,000 Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud credits will also be awarded to all the participants’ start-ups for free.

Apart from the above-mentioned takeaways, participants will be able to learn from some of the best business leaders of the country along with mentoring support at each step.

As per Mr Kannan Soundararajan, CEO, IIM Udaipur Incubation Centre shares that the programme has been specifically designed for diving deep into education, FinTech and Healthcare sector, the participants will access effective networking sessions with industry leaders and mentors, further opening pathways of collaboration and partnerships.

Mentors and programme runners hold links with national and international business ecosystems professional.

Their knowledge of distinctive domains, corporate professionalism and venture requirements will help participants look for loopholes in their ideas and prototypes, thus, looking for better business-oriented solutions.

A tailored mentoring session focusing on individual needs and requirements will be planned.

Early History of the IIM Udaipur Cohort Programmes

IIM Udaipur’s Incubation Centre conducted the second cohort programme, allowing 27 high potential start-ups to participant for the venture mentoring and networking sessions. The programme was conducted earlier this year.

The first cohort programme was conducted in 2019, wherein 18 start-ups accessed venture help and guidance from industry leaders. These 18 start-ups were selected out of 275 applicants following a thorough and rigorous selection procedure.

Director of Statlogic, Vignesh MS, shares his experience stating how the programmes have helped him in accessing industry links and channels.

He shares that the Accelerator programme has been designed to enable collaborative environment along with individual grooming.

As per the latest updates, the accelerator programme will be conducted in a virtual mode due to the present pandemic situation in the country. The decision has been taken by IIM Udaipur authorities to safeguard the participants and mentor from health hazards.

  About IIM Udaipur Incubation Centre

IIM Udaipur Incubation centre (IIMUIC) is being directly operated by IIM Udaipur authorities. It is a Technology and business incubator (TBI), accredited to DST, Gol centre offering dynamic venture opportunities to developing start-ups.

Participants are allowed to launch and develop their start-ups into viable and profitable businesses. The centre is a primary focus point for faculties, entrepreneurial communities and faculties interested in bringing entrepreneurial innovation and creativity on the table.  

IIM Udaipur was announced as a robust accelerator program centre in Rajasthan by the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB)- Department of Science and Technology, Government of India for the year 2019-2020. Across the country, only nine such incubation centres are present.

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