The Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur (IIMU) has announced a Research Communication Masterclass Series in association with S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR). With an aim to supplement the skills to doctoral students and young research scholars, this virtual course is set to enhance their skills in research presentations, a must in the field of academic research.

A research well executed is incomplete without proper means of communication. Delivering a presentation highlighting the aspects of the research undertaken, is as vital as the process itself. A young researcher must thus be efficient to deliver an effective presentation. The Masterclass hosted by IIMU aims to do just that. This Masterclass will enable the students improve the quality of questions framed, link the questions to the significant aspects of the methodology and effectively describe the process of the research, with precision and clarity.

Speaking about the initiative of IIM Udaipur and SPJIMR, Prof.Janat Shah, Director, Director, IIM Udaipur said,“The Masterclass Series is a conceptualized high intensity and impact learning experience for the doctoral students at both the B-Schools on how to communicate with clarity about their research. This is a critical collaboration. IIMU-SPJIMR is inviting eminent global researchers from various areas of management to speak as part of this Masterclass.”

During the course of the Masterclass, 20 globally renowned researchers will deliberate on their co-authored/ authored research papers. Every month the students will engage for a session that will run for two hours. During this time, the researchers will present their research for about an hour. This will then be followed by a discussion about the reason for the presentation in the rest of the other hour. To enable a healthy and a fruitful result, this discussion will be open to the faculty and the doctoral students.

Highlighting the importance of the virtual Masterclass, Dr Ranjan Banerjee, Dean, SPJIMR added, “It is not easy to combine storytelling with research rigour. Our doctoral students are getting a chance to learn critical skills from the best in the world. I have always believed that the best institutes should collaborate and not compete, and this partnership is a step in that direction.”

Adding to value to the Masterclass series, the active faculty of both the institutes who have a strong publishing record in international journals like the UTD list of journals will also be a part of this program.

IIM Udaipur has set new benchmarks in the field of management research. The institute prioritises world class research and aims to transform the students’ learning and research skills.  This institute is ranked fourth in India for research studies in the field of management according to UT Dallas’s methodology.

On the other hand, SPJIMR of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan finds its place among India’s top ten business schools. The Financial Times 2020 ranked this institute third in India and 36th globally. It is the only privately run management institute to finds its place in this rankings.

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