NEET Results 2016: Het Shah secures AIR 1. Top 3 rankers from Allen Career Institute

(From Left to Right) AIR 1, AIR 2 and AIR 3, from Allen Career Institute, Kota.

Cracking the medical entrance exam is no mean feat. PaGaLGuY spoke to the three toppers Het Shah (AIR-1), Ekansh Goyal (AIR -2) and Nikhil Bajiya (AIR-3)  to know what is the secret behind their success.

AIR 1- Het Shah  who scored 685 over 720, has already started living his dreams. He has his mother to thank, of course, who stayed with him in the coaching capital Kota for 2 years, till he completed his coaching.  He says, ‘I secured AIR 4 in the AIIMS exam and I am currently studying at AIIMS, my dream college. Having secured AIR 1 in NEET, I can’t express the feeling in words. I stayed in Kota for two years with my mother. Kota was the place where I realised my potential and the dream. I used to study for 5-6 hours over and above the coaching. To future aspirants I would say ‘Just be serious about it and study regularly’.

AIR 2 – Ekansh Goyal, who scored -682 over 720 in NEET says, “I have always been interested in Medicine. I did not follow a particular study pattern but I studied the three subjects everyday. I started my day at 7.30 am and studied for the next 3-4 hours. I attended classes from 2 pm till around 7-8 pm. I would then study for another 2-3 hours and then go to bed. I played football to relax.”

AIR 3- Nikhil Bajiya , whose mother is a teacher and father is in Rajasthan Administrative Service says, “ While no one in particular was an inspiration for me to take up medicine, I knew I wanted to become a doctor. I did not follow a schedule or a pattern while studying. I studied based on my mood, and so the pattern always fluctuated, but I made sure to study daily for about 5-6 hours on an average.  I learnt Biology by heart, and Physics and Chemistry are scoring so I was thorough with formulas as well. Some students think Physics and Chemistry are not as important for medical students as compared to engineering, but they are wrong. I scored AIR 2 in AIIMS exam and will join AIIMS.”   His total score in NEET Phase 1 is 678 over 720.    

Inputs by Megha Mehta and Sanjana Donkar.