One of the most reputed colleges in India in the state of Maharashtra is the Symbiosis University. It conducts a yearly examination for its course of MBA. The Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) is a very important and difficult test for people wanting to pursue MBA in this reputed college. The aspirants will have to set a different game plan to crack the SNAP exam for all the management courses offered by the Symbiosis International University located in the small town of Pune. Here are a few tips and tricks that might help the candidates score good marks and get admitted in their dream University.


  • Step by step


Solve the difficulties of every section one after the other. The SNAP test has four sections that test the students on the basis of English, quantitative, general awareness and logical reasoning. The candidates are advised to practice one section at a time and not mix all of them.

Some tips to handle every section are given below.


  • English


Candidates appearing for MBA exams usually need to have a strong hold over the English language. The candidates should read more books and newspapers. This will not only increase the knowledge of the candidate but will also increase their reading speed and vocabulary.

  • Quantitative questions

The quantitative section in SNAP exam comprises of arithmetic, mensuration, data sufficiency and data interpretation. The data interpretation questions in the SNAP exam is termed to be easily compared to the data interpretation questions asked in other management exams like XAT, CAT etc.


  • General awareness


The general awareness questions are related to general knowledge as well as current affairs. Most students think that the general awareness section is the toughest to answer. The candidates are advised to answer the general awareness questions only if they are sure about their answer. The questions asked in this section are related to famous authors or their books and famous awards and posts.


  • Logical reasoning


The logical and analytical reasoning section is very important and has a lot of weightage in the SNAP exam. This decisive section holds the entire fate of the paper at times. It is not a very difficult section but the importance it holds makes many candidates nervous which leads to them making numerous mistakes that they could have avoided if they attempted the paper with a calm and collected mind set.


  • With others


Preparation for SNAP exam will not be difficult for those who have prepared for CAT and XAT exams. SNAP test has a similar syllabus compared to that of CAT which is termed as the most important and most difficult exam for MBA aspirants. The candidates who solved CAT papers and questions will be easily able to solve the SNAP test.



  • Mocks


The candidates are advised to solve as many mock tests as possible. The mock tests that are released by the Symbiosis University and the mock tests by different classes are all unique and important. One can even take the help of the internet to solve more questions on quantitative and logical reasoning.


  • Management


Managing time and resources is very crucial for a candidate preparing for the SNAP test. The candidate should be able to complete the SNAP paper in the time allotted. Solving many questions is just as important as solving questions correctly. The students should not be tense or nervous while writing the paper. The SNAP test simply tests a candidate on their managerial skills. The candidates need to be calm while answering the paper so as to not make any calculation mistakes or any misread words.


  • Classes


Joining a class or tuition is advisable for a SNAP test. The classes will provide guidance and practice that is vital for the aspirants giving the SNAP test. The candidates need to follow the instructions given to them by thee classes and need to solve as many question papers as they are provided. For many candidates these classes can act like a source for the numerous papers and mock tests they require to solve and practice to be confident enough to score well in the SNAP test.

The candidates aspiring to get admitted in the Symbiosis International University can refer to these tips and tricks to score well in the SNAP test.

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