Change will lead to insights far more often than insight will lead you to change.

-By Milton Erickson


The culture of an organization is one of centralised power, focused on the vision and objectives which set the criteria and priorities for developing an integrated performance management system .Many of the effective communication and feedback processes are at risk of becoming routine by virtue of the casual approach taken to their execution. Change is executed in an ad-hoc manner. However, with clarity of vision and a sense of direction, we can transform the organisation and ensure that it has the right skills and capabilities in the right people, in the right areas, to guarantee future growth.

Sometimes bracing for change just means taking it easy and realising the development and learning of new skills. This is also a symptom of benefit of change. The opportunity to broaden your talents and expose yourself to new ideas and ways of thinking is a big deal in business. We are therefore invigorated and inspired to bring even more changes in the name of efficiency. Why to Change? Because these are changing

Therefore, Change unless it is crystal clear that the already existing one is better.

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