Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA): Alumni Testimonials 2020

The Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) is a Jesuit business school. The primary focus of the school is to equip students with ethical business values. The foundation of the school values is based on the Ignatian values of Magis (Excellence), Cura Personalis (Care of the Individual), and Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam (For the Greater Glory of God). The institute aims to create leaders, who can responsibly generate an ethically conducive environment in the field of their interest. LIBA was founded in 1979 by the Loyola College, and it has been aiming to guide competent leaders who are principle-centered, feel socially responsible, and are ethical thinkers. Another particularly interesting focus on LIBA is the GLOCAL leadership.  The students not only learn values and ethics as a crucial part of their progression in careers but also learn to manage businesses on local and global levels. LIBA teaches students to work effectively on businesses that require insights into the local as well as global atmospheres.  Students at LIBA can contribute to the current landscape of society through the skills acquired during their course. LIBA strongly promotes excellence with ethics.

LIBA offers a two-year full-time post-graduate diploma in management. In addition to the full-time PGDM, it offers other programs, such as part-time PGDM, a doctorate program, and one-year executive diploma programs. The institute offers various customized programs (e.g., short-term and long-term programs) on skill development, with an emphasis on providing holistic learning for students in terms of intellectual and social development.

Testimonials from alumni-


When the Placement Committee of LIBA invited me to participate in the placement process, it gave me such an awesome opportunity to re-visit my Alma Mater again as well as contribute to the placement process and we hired 6 resources for Amazon.

LIBA has helped me get a great footing in the corporate arena. If I am a Results-oriented, hands-on Operations professional today, with a successful record of accomplishments in Banking and now the digital space, I can confidently say that my foundation at a high-quality Institution like LIBA is what has contributed primarily to my success.

LIBA has produced so many well-placed individuals in the Digital space, Banking Operations, Investment operations, Wealth management, and Customer service areas that as a brand it is known in the business world as one of the leading institutions in South India. With a better understanding of the strengths of the candidate from LIBA, the placement process is smooth and quick. Delighted to have been able to contribute to this process.

-Leena Rayer
Operations Head, Kindle Selection and Quality Experience Worldwide (Amazon)


My name is Jerry Kingsley and I received my Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from Loyola Institute of Business Administration at Chennai in April of 2006. Prior to selecting the MBA program at LIBA, I worked at a few reputed companies for approximately two years. After several information sessions with alumni from various business schools, I was instantly convinced that I had found the perfect program; I applied a few weeks later and started my PGDM in April 2004.

 The LIBA PGDM program has enhanced my critical thinking and decision-making abilities: I greatly benefited from my peers’ experiences and input as well as all my instructors’ knowledge and passion. Most of all, this program has provided me with quality education and a great network made up of fellow alumni, professors, and school administrators that truly care about my overall development as an individual.

The classes at LIBA were very different than my undergraduate experience, where I would regularly have hundreds of students in a class. The people I met and interacted within the program were fantastic. The variety of backgrounds and degrees, which my peers brought to the classroom made classroom discussions and coursework very interesting and realistic to a work environment. LIBA provided me a much more personal experience with my professors, who were very knowledgeable and always willing to help.

 I had the opportunity to intern at JLL in Chennai and worked with the business leaders in the firm. My work ‘Conjoint Analytic Study of Real Estate Preferences of IT / ITES companies and Descriptive study of the present Real Estate Holdings’ was well appreciated by the firm and my journey to a successful career began to unfold.

After earning my degree, I began my career at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), a Fortune 500 company. I’ve been able to apply the business knowledge and experiences I learned at LIBA on a daily basis. LIBA’s PGDM program helped me get to where I’m at today and will continue to benefit me as my career progresses, wherever that may be. From an intern at JLL, now I lead the Capital Markets Business and Land Investments for TN as a National Director.

 I wholeheartedly recommend the LIBA PGDM to anyone looking for a strong graduate program that will provide them with superior business and critical thinking skills while making them a part of a caring community.

-Jerry Kingsley
Senior Director, Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated


As an alumnus of LIBA’s comprehensive postgraduate management course (PGDM – Batch of 2008), I think back to the time spent within its gates and realize that the road has been a long but extremely rewarding one. Little did I know at the time that the rigors of the program, which my batch mates and I had experienced there would stand me in good stead all the way through many challenges and many more milestones in my career in the Banking and Finance sector thus far.

Having handled assignments and clients across different geographies, cultures and time zones and dealt with people in various capacities right up to my current role with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) as Delivery Head of Operations for an international bank in the Latin America region, I can say with a great degree of certainty that the foundation I received at LIBA is in large part the reason I have scaled the corporate ladder much quicker than many peers who joined the organization at the same time as I did. This is definitely an area in which I consider my alma mater to have outdone the tons of other management schools and institutions that have cropped up all over India over the years. The preparation we received as long back as over a decade ago was not just in an up to date and world-class curriculum but also one that laid heavy emphasis on things that other institutions often overlook as merely ‘soft skills’. With a focus on corporate readiness and how seamlessly corporate and alumni feedback is integrated into the courses periodically, there is a confidence and grace under pressure that comes from the stress the institution places on presentation skills, projects, industrial visits, corporate leadership interaction, extra-curricular and value-based well-rounded education rather than mere academics or curriculum centered learning.

From being sent onsite for a critical migration within 3 months of first being hired from campus to later handling key audits in Kenya and Nigeria with senior executive client partners and even being the youngest to handle a team size of 150+ there have been innumerable instances where I’ve felt calm, composed and unruffled by pressure and surprised clients and bosses alike in potentially stressful situations that called for me to stretch myself to fill the shoes of someone much more experienced or tenured in the corporate world. I feel indebted to the institution for the quality of education that made this possible and for everything it invested in us during our formative years. This imbued in me personally the traits that every organization values so highly particularly the ability to perform at peak levels and to adapt under even the most trying corporate conditions and environments. I cannot count the number of times both at key corners turned as well as in everyday interactions where I’m asked questions about where I’ve completed my education from. It is always with a lot of pride that I give due credit to LIBA.

When I’m back on campus as part of the interview panels hiring more recent graduates for my company during placements there is always the sense of fond nostalgia as I remember the day when I was on the other side of the interviewer’s table answering the questions asked of me and then when I snap back to the moment and get down to the  business at hand I am always pleased to find that my alma mater never fails to keep producing well prepared as well as well-rounded graduates that any company would be more than happy to hire.

-Blins Mony
Senior Operations Manager, Tata Consultancy Services


Since its foundation and the graduation of the first batch, LIBA has ensured that its students receive complete support with the development of their careers and future as professionals. LIBA has a record of 100% for each batch that has graduated since its inception. Students from LIBA are recruited across 13 different sectors, such as Marketing, Finance, and FMGC, by more than 50 companies. In 2019, the highest package offered was INR 17 LPA, with the average and median being INR 10 LPA and INR 9 LPA, respectively.

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