Mistaken criteria

Dear Candidate,

This is with reference to our email regarding your short listing for the interview for the Post Graduate Programme in Sustainability Management of IIM Lucknow. We regret that your name was erroneously added to the system due to a technical system glitch. Due to this technical error, the eligibility criteria with regards to the work experience, was miscalculated (as per our admission policy, minimum two years’ work experience is a core requirement for PGP- SM, work experience marks calculated thereafter as per admission policy document available on our website www.iiml.ac.in )

After the data rectification, it has been found that you are not eligible for PGP-SM as the required criterion is not being fulfilled.  We are thus recalling our interview email. 

IIM Lucknow deeply regrets the error and the inconvenience caused thereof 

Wishing the best for your future. 

Thanks and regards


IIM Lucknow”


I mean call de ke vapis bula rhe hain ? 

Hadd hai. Sadists kahin ke ? 

(This article is by a PaGaLGuY user and has been unedited to retain the flavour)