Some help for GDPI

Hope you guys are doing great and your preparation is on track.By now I hope you all know, we  (IIFTians) have completed our final placement for 2013-15 batch in record time. So it makes next round even more important for you.

Now to all low scorers and high scorers. Put all the biases aside as of now. Just focus on your preparation and give your 100%. Sharing my experience (2013-15 batch cut off was 50 marks), people with high score of 58-60 could not made it to any of the list, not even wait list, and people with border line score 51.XX made it in the fist list. Idea is do not be complacent if you have high score and if you have low score start preparing to nail the high scorers.

I know when we were asking all of you to prepare for you second round , most of you were busy first in predicting cut offs ,next in predicting score cards and now busy in discussing GD/PI venues and date.

Any ways I have done some good work which will help you all. I am pasting a few links, these links have  all the top editorial views on major happening in last two months.Like Economic slow down in Japan, NITI Ayog, Bankig Reforms, RBI actions, Payment and Small banks,Oil price crash, e commerce NBFC guidelines, FDI in Infra norms, REITs, Make in India and many more. These are must read topics for all MBA aspirants, so read them without fail. As of now start reading all these links and from now onward bring this in your daily practice to save the important reading links. Let me know when you are done with these reading I will post more. PM me or post here in case of any query.

Happy Reading ? ?

Some Current affair’s links:…–The-politics-of-economic-s………………………………………………………