MBA Career Opportunities – 8 Types of Marketing Roles You Can Apply!

Why should a person pursue an MBA degree? Why waste 2 years post graduation to learn managerial skills? Is it helpful to study MBA for opening a business or getting into any other line of business? How much is the pay for an MBA graduate?. 

You might have heard of all of these questions when it comes to discussing MBA degrees. And as it goes for topics that are trending, you might have received 10 different answers when it comes to the same question. People are usually confused and misinformed about the degree or the plus points of going through this two-year MBA course for a long time.

Masters of Business Administration, one of the most popular postgraduate degrees in the country, has gained popularity and wind in the past few years because of the shift towards entrepreneurship and self-employment. An MBA will help you expand your career opportunities and increase the chances of landing a job in the highest paying sectors in India. The salary for an MBA graduate based on specialisation has been rising for the past few years and is also expected to rise further.

MBA has now become very diverse, supporting all fields and providing opportunities in all sectors. While we are shifting towards startups, there is a huge demand for MBA professionals to look after and manage the businesses. An MBA degree is useful in all sectors, whether for a job in finance or marketing. Organisations prefer MBA candidates and MNCs owing to their critical, logical thinking and complicated problem-solving ability. Because of the strong demand for excellent graduates, the salary for an MBA graduate is relatively high. Also, the compensation for an MBA professional in India entirely depends on the experience and qualification of the individual.

When it comes to the marketing sector, with extensive data optimisation coming in, we need to have proper tracking mechanisms and logical/analytical thinking in such a free-flowing field. Hubspot’s marketing hiring trends report points to a sharp rise in employment in digital marketing and traditional marketing roles. And the scope of marketing is only going to amplify further. With industry expansion and high consumption levels, the overall demand for marketing professionals will pick up in the coming years.

Following are some of the jobs you can look out for when it comes to Marketing jobs and opportunities post-MBA:

Different Marketing Jobs

In this digital era, marketing has also been changing rapidly. Now marketing is no longer about pamphlets, posters and commercials. Every link is tracked, every movement on social media is tracked and studied from. Human behaviours are mapped, and campaigns are created following the target persona of the customers; with such advancements, marketing as a field has presented a variety of job opportunities.

MBA in Marketing helps you accelerate faster in terms of promotions and salary due to the exposure obtained while interacting with various clients and industries. The leadership and communication skills acquired during an MBA degree help individuals advance faster in their careers. The job profiles for which MBA in Marketing graduates are actively hired in 2021 are:

  • Analytical Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Competitive Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Retailing Management
  • Advertising Management
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Business Marketing

 Being in any of these fields, you can quickly spread your arms to other sectors like finance, where you get the complete picture of the return on investment and proper allocation of assets. Sectors like FMCG, IT solutions, and advertising agencies are constantly looking for individuals who are well equipped with diverse skills.

An analytical marketing plan begins by gaining insight into a business’ customers. Analytical strategists need to decide what they want to know from customers, manage and organise the data, and create customer profiles to gain insight. Companies can then predict consumers’ behaviour from their data.

A competitive market is one where numerous producers compete to provide goods and services that we, as consumers, want and need. In other words, not one single producer can dictate the market. Also, like producers, not one consumer can dictate the market either.

Brand management is also an exciting opportunity to look out for. Brand management is a function of marketing that uses techniques to increase a product line or brand’s perceived value over time. A person with an MBA degree fits in nicely with the job description. 

Hence all of these other sectors provide major opportunities for an MBA graduate pursuing marketing.

Business marketing is a marketing practice of individuals or organisations (including commercial businesses, governments and institutions). It allows them to sell products or services to other companies or organisations that resell them, use them in their products or services, or support their works.

As a marketing manager, you may have to analyse the demand for a particular product or perform a Cost-Volume-Profit analysis to determine the break-even point. Here, your B-school teachings will come in handy. Therefore, the program is designed to equip you with a strong foundational knowledge of business administration and marketing concepts. And this learning can be applied across different industries and career fields.

When it comes to an MBA degree, they groom you to become one of the best salespeople. A huge part of it comes from understanding the market and understanding the customer requirements and persona. A marketing head is generally known to be good at selling ideas and getting people aligned with them. An MBA degree adds to these skills and provides the additional upside of managing and allocating resources in the best manner possible, ensuring the company is working in the right direction.

Average Salaries of MBA Marketing

An MBA degree helps an individual climb up the ladder much faster than just skilled people in the respective fields. Leadership skills is something that every person at the tip of the triangle of an organisation has to possess, and an MBA degree adds to that advantage.

Hence the salaries also reflect the same, where a person tends to achieve promotions at a much higher rate.

Job Profile

Salary in India*

Senior Marketing Manager

Rs. 1,342,969

Marketing Manager

Rs. 685,280

Senior Business Analyst

Rs. 994,494

Business Development Manager

Rs. 597,879

Business Development Executive

Rs. 299,907

Area Sales Manager

Rs. 609,533

Project Manager

Rs. 1,263,774

Hence if you have read through the article well enough, there is no secret in fact how an MBA degree can boost your career in the marketing field. That goes for multiple other fields as well. It broadens your horizon as well as the scope of opportunities for better jobs and promotions.

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