As a Jesuit business school, the Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) aims to instill ethical business values into its students. The school primarily emphasizes the Ignatian values of Magis (Excellence), Cura Personalis (Care of the individual), and Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam (For the Greater Glory of God). It believes in engendering leaders that responsibly excel in the field of their interest. The excellence and progress of the industry as well as their students must be based on values and ethics, which have become crucial in this fast-paced tiresome world. LIBA ensures to teach students through approaches that promote ethics and innovation.  LIBA was founded in 1979 by the Loyola College, and it has been aiming to guide competent leaders who are principle-centered, feel socially responsible, and are ethical thinkers. Students at LIBA learn to make an outstanding contribution to the society through various skills, including social entrepreneurship. LIBA strongly promotes excellence with ethics.  The programs offered at the school and activities conducted by them are an embodiment of these principles.

LIBA offers a two-year full-time post-graduate diploma in management. In addition to the full-time PGDM, it offers other programs, such as part-time PGDM, a doctorate program, and one-year executive diploma programs. The institute offers various customized programs (e.g., short-term and long-term programs) on skill development, with an emphasis on providing holistic learning for students in terms of intellectual and social development.

Testimonials from students

From the hills of Meghalaya to the capital city of Tamilnadu my journey has been fascinating. After graduating with BCom honors with a university rank, I decided to pursue PGDM from LIBA. It was indeed a very wise decision. I was fortunate enough to start on a high note when I won an event organized by the marketing Club of LIBA and then the badminton tournament as a star player of my team. LIBA offers a splendid platform for us to showcase their talents in all walks of life.

-Abhinabh Bharali


LIBA has given me the opportunity to strive harder towards my goal and elevate myself out of my comfort zone. The campus never sleeps, and the students are always brimming with excitement. My batchmates are from all parts of the country. I have been fortunate to learn about the diverse cultural heritage from around the country. Born and brought up in Kolkata, I was pretty anxious about how I will survive down south! However, Chennai has been lovely! There are amazing restaurants, beautiful beaches, and happening pubs! The campus is centrally located, and traveling to different parts of Chennai is more than convenient. I have been here for only five months but it already feels like home.

-Nikita Sydney


Striking distance from Patna to Chennai did not make any difference when I decided to pursue my PGDM from LIBA. After completing my graduation in commerce, I decided to pursue Management Studies from a premier institute, which brought me to LIBA. After bidding goodbye to my family and hometown, I wondered how my journey would be in the coming months. However, the journey is very exciting with the series of events kick-starting from the beginning of the course. Being a part of two clubs at LIBA, I have learned a lot in these few months. LIBA provides many opportunities for every student to showcase their talent life is really beyond awesome at LIBA.

-Shreya Dasgupta


As an artist and an aficionado, LIBA has never failed to amaze me with its heterogeneity in orchestrating various episodes for the long journey. Kick-starting from the freshers’ day, life has really been beyond awesome. In fact, I was awarded the prestigious Mr. Fresher award on the freshers’ day, and it has only made my craving stronger to explore new grounds in the future. LIBA in the form of the radius club has succored in fostering philanthropic conduct repressed in oneself. It is undoubtedly the finest place to pursue a career in management and attain a 360-degree evolution. It’s a wonderful opportunity to grow more, to celebrate more, to cherish more, and to encounter a lot more where talent meets recognition.

-Mathew Benner


“A journey from Mumbai to LIBA Chennai has been much more than just a journey from the financial capital of the country to the cultural capital of South India. It’s a place that makes you discover your inner potential and talents. It is an institute where textbook knowledge is jut a small facet of your learning as the campus is buzzing with co-curricular activities 24×7. Personally, I had a great learning experience, especially in the Marketing club and the Beyond Management Initiative which have immensely helped me in enhancing my verbal and written communication skills which are an integral part of a manager’s personality. Hence,  I would say that even though I’m 1200 kms from my home, LIBA doesn’t make me feel so, as it has become my new abode.”

– Saurabh Mishra


“Being a person from a small town in Odisha, it was not easy to come out of my comfort zone to an institute of national standards. Here, the diverse peer group from across the country with versatile interests has widened my perspectives about my abilities. Professors here are very supportive, the curriculum and exam pattern are uniquely designed to enrich the learning process. My life in LIBA is also full of extracurricular activities honing my skills. No wonder why they call it here as LIBA – Life Is Beyond Awesome.”

– Asheem Kumar Palo

LIBA has always focused on innovation and expansion. Three new verticals have been planned to start in PGDM namely, Analytics, Healthcare Management and Logistics. These programmes will be in collaboration with TCS (Analytics), CMC (HCM) and and Kerry-Indev Logistics (Logistics). The construction of a new building with state-of-the-art infrastructure, guided by design thinking, is also in progress. Management at LIBA plans to move into this new facility by the end of 2020. This will strengthen their resolve and provide space for future orientations.

To ask any queries related to LIBA Chennai, visit [OFFICIAL] LIBA CHENNAI Admissions 2020-22.

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