How to Choose the Correct College for MBA

Major b-schools across the country have declared the first-round results; therefore, it is evident that numerous aspirants must be having queries regarding the same. Eliminating the dilemma and enrolling in the aptest university could be a tough choice to make.

It requires an essential analysis of distinct aspects like curriculum design, exposure, practical approaches, placements, and much more.

Well, how does one make the correct choice and chose the most accurate university option available? The answer to this question could vary according to multiple opinion holders. However, a term, ROI, has been gaining massive momentum these days.

How should you accurately calculate ROI?

In today’s time, major aspirants tend to calculate ROI to analyze their fee investment and return capabilities after entering an eminent management institution. Moreover, ROI is also taken into consideration while enrolling in any b-school by determining the batch size. This can be easily done by calculating the average salary or the cost of education paid.

However, after completing an MBA degree, one may realize that a better way to evaluate a college other than the ROI approach is a cost-benefit analysis. This is because the investment is not primarily done in terms of pure finance, land, or gold.

While evaluating a college through the principle of cost-benefit analysis, tangible and intangible costing factors should also be considered well. The intangible factors are those to which no fixed amount or digit can be made to associate.

These parameters could be analyzed by those aspirants who are on the verge of joining a b-school, are currently enrolled, or have passed out in recent years.

The following content is based on several intangible factors which can help an aspirant is making the most ‘informed’ choice.  

IIM carries an enormous weightage than you can ever imagine

IIM is an epitome of prestige and value. No other institution in the country holds value as high and eminent as the IIM institutions. Major aspirants hold the dream of joining a prominent IIM institution while preparing for the annual CAT examination. Hence, it is a bull’s eye among numerous other b-schools.

However, business management fraternity carries a similar perspective. The corporate world is always in search of prospective IIM pass outs to provide exceptionally approaches to their firms or companies.

Moreover, a candidate can be pulled down while being exposed to questions like, “how can this person hold an IIM degree?” Or “what did he learn at IIM?” hence, it is evident that IIM carries a massive weightage in the real business sectors.

The IIM tag offers an extraordinary brand value and is considered as a shining batch on your profile. It can predispose people to hold positive opinions about you and can open several doors to prominent opportunities.  

Grabbing an MBA degree holds great importance 

Recruiters compare hundreds of prospective aspirants while offering a placement. Therefore, a filtration process can assist them in choosing the desired candidate and extract the creamy layer of the appearing students.

This helps an MBA graduate in falling under the top categories during a job selection interview or for a leadership role. Because of the IIM-A tag, major companies were ready to forgo the final round of the interview if the same candidates were picked by others, and no one would be left for their recruitment process.

The market is flooded with innumerable job portals and links, which pushes an MBA graduate to often leave their first job and hold other greater responsibilities at better firms. Therefore, an MBA degree does not only offer you a tag or practical knowledge but can also expose you to eminent platforms to reach the top of your career.

Major students are also confused about the IIM institutions they should get enrolled in. It is recommended to choose other colleges over the newly built IIM centers. This is because they offer a well-established pathway in different fields and aspects.  

A prominent networking sphere can hold better future opportunities 

A prominent networking peer group can offer major benefits as compared to the one-time campus placements. Contacting eminent alumni, seniors, and individuals from the various specified field can assist you in developing a better understanding of how the real world works.  

The referrals of your peers and their guidance can provide an insightful view of the corporate industry and its latest trends. Therefore, no monetary value can be placed equivalent to the opportunities a networking group can expose you with.

An IIM tag can hold the attention of prospective investors 

Investors take a bet on prominent people and their ideas. An IIM tag makes an investor aware of the hot ideas that can be presented before them. Therefore, they evaluate your abilities, and an IIM tag can boost your credentials.

Major experts hold IIM above other institutions like FMS , XLRIMDI, and others. However, an FMS can be opted as well because of the non-existent fee or if the graduation has been done from an IIT. Moreover, if an individual wish to explore entrepreneurship options after an MBA, then also FMS can be chosen.

An MBA degree is an essential investment 

 An MBA degree offers you an exceptional learning and prominent firms in the country. The money paid as the fee is an investment in polishing your skills and maximizing your potentials. The knowledge will help in developing skills essential for running a firm and achieving statistical growth.

Moreover, practical approaches can help redefine the regular norms of the industry. Therefore, the learning is not aimed at immediate placement perspective but helps in moulding the chances of leading a company successfully.

To summarise, certain factors are essential to make the best choice possible. There is no lie that IIM institutions hold great value in the corporate world. However, determination and the ability to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The above opinion varies from one person to another. The content is aimed to resolve multiple queries of aspirants while making the most important choice of their career and future. 

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