LIBA – Doing it the ‘GLOCAL’ Way

Every profession at some or the other time demands you to take an easy way out which might involve you to give up on your principles and ethics. However, institutions like LIBA have laid the cornerstone of them prepping students who would not just be academically excellent, but morally strong at the same time. In the current era where people let lose of their values with utmost ease, LIBA is focusing on character development at the same time. It’s not just about mentoring a student to have the perfect CV, but mentoring a student who will later go on to become a leader in his/her own way and lay the foundation of the Indian Industrial Segment based on ethics, morals and values.

In the current fast paced economy, a person needs to have acute knowledge about what is going around in the world as well as in their own neighbourhood. A person can be a leader in multiple ways. Having a sense of direction in one’s own life is also called leadership. But professors at LIBA focus on a more holistic approach towards the leadership. They believe that they need their students to have a global outlook in a local market to have the foresight which any great industrialist should have in their armoury. LIBA looks forward on creating GLOCAL leaders who would be able to adjust themselves to any of the global jobs they come across as well as local ones. This GLOCAL leadership again has its roots cemented in ethics and morals.

Watch how LIBA creates ‘GLOCAL’ Leaders

“Overall, I can testify that the change that I had seen in me, a shy college student from one of the small towns in interior Kerala to one who could take up the challenges of handling half Tamil Nadu for a consumer goods company in the first year after college, to one who setup operations for YES Bank Ltd., in Kerala, to one who threw it all away to start a manufacturing unit at an SEZ and then to take up farming and later to brand the produce from the farm and small farmers from across India – all these materialized due to the confidence that LIBA gave me over the two years of college.”

– Vinu Kurian (LIBA Alum)

The idea of the entire experience has been clear right from the set go, to an extent that the students who have graduated from this esteemed institute have the same ideology while they were studying at the very place.

Diversity plays a very important role when it comes to developing a leader. A person would get the complete picture of the entire country, only when he is open and accepting to the diverse nature of it. Having students come from all around the country, LIBA is the definition of diversity. A campus where diverse festivals like Pongal and Diwali are celebrated with the same enthusiasm speaks volumes about the kind of culture they are trying to drive down in their students. The study culture at LIBA is not something that should be termed as “study” culture. The environment is suitable for all the students. They have managed to create a congenial atmosphere for students to not just study, but also make memories at the same time. The people join the institution on the pretext of getting a degree, but leave with a lot more.

“Being a member of the Student Affairs in the first year and the Placement Committee in the second year, showed me how to handle responsibilities, by keeping your batch, your seniors, your juniors always your first priority. Being a total introvert, the place felt new, people were total strangers and all I could think of was I’d never fit in here. I’m so proud that I made 435 new friends throughout the country. This tight network of friends will be missed dearly but also cherished wholeheartedly.”

-Elizabeth James (LIBA Alum)

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With heavy focus given to practical education, the students at LIBA are well equipped to deal with all the problems that the sharky industrial market has to throw at them. LIBA aims to cultivate men and women who are committed to national development by preparing world class leaders who are professionally competent, intellectually sharp, ethically sensitive, reaching out to the weak and the less privileged and caring for the well-being of our planet. False promises are not something that the institution believes in which is evident enough from the testimonials given by some college pass outs.

Founded by the Jesuits, 500 years ago, LIBA is a force to reckon with. Being actively involved in a number of social initiatives which also involves helping with the development of nearby villages like Aandipatti puthur, Theerthamalai, Harur, Anna Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar etc. The entire focus is on the development of the student.

As the Director of the esteemed institution, Rev. Dr. C. Joe Arun, SJ rightly has to say for the students- “If you want a degree, you come to us. We will ensure that we provide you a Future

Hence that being said there are no second thoughts when it comes to applying for LIBA which is one of the top recommended Business Studies Institutes in the country which constantly works for the holistic development of its students and making them ready as GLOCAL leaders to lay the foundation of the Indian Industries on the bedrock of ethics, morals and dynamic leadership, providing you a Brighter Future.

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