Why Healthcare Management? – A Closer Look

An industry which never sees a slowdown in India or around the world, healthcare management is a sector crying out for the brightest of the minds. So, what sort of ‘Bright Minds’ are we talking about? Better Surgeons? Better Doctors? Yes. But those aren’t the only stakeholders in this industry. There is a huge dearth for people who can manage all these stakeholders in unison and make this industry more streamlined and profitable. That’s where managers and the art of management comes in.

Does that mean you’ll be a manager working in a hospital or a health clinic? Not at all. The work for a manager in this industry involves things like optimizing the existing facilities and seeks operational solutions, making assumptions, trying out new processes and future plans, developing new contracts and maintaining the old ones, dealing with new challenges and many more such situations.

Learning the acumen of management in the field of healthcare could turn out to be one of the best decisions as the future perspectives in this career are immense. In the coming years, a post-graduate degree in healthcare management will be highly recognized for improvising the healthcare industry.

SIMSR introduced a new course – PGDM full time 2 years Management course in Healthcare (HCM) in 2018. The course aims to provide management knowledge to budding professionals in the healthcare sector to enable a positive contribution to the growing healthcare industry in India.

The course includes detailed requirements of the ambitious healthcare administrators and practitioners. PGDM in HCM covers the entire gamut of management of the healthcare sector. Students are given hands-on experience of the skills and the challenges that are a part of this sector. Practical knowledge is extremely important in this sector and K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research aims to give you all that and more.

SIMSR has signed an MOU with the prestigious Imperial College, London and has a tie-up with the K. J. Somaiya Hospital and Research Centre to provide better growth opportunities and advanced insights to students.

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