Rahul Sharma, who has achieved a flawless score in the CAT Exam three times in the previous five years, in 2016, 2020, and 2021, prepares for the CAT every year, which is generally considered one of India’s most challenging tests. Unlike other applicants, his objective is not to get admission to a top B school/IIM, but rather to keep up with the current developments, curriculum, and evolving patterns of the examination. When questioned, he maintains he wants to teach his students how to score well. Rahul, who previously passed the CAT and graduated from IIM Ahmedabad in 2011, currently spends his time counselling and coaching students and preparing them for top business schools in India and overseas.

Rahul Sharma started his career in the banking sector. After that, he left the job to continue his passion for teaching. Since then, he has helped and prepared thousands of students for examinations like CAT, XAT etc. He has an incredible hold in making mathematics simple for students and has been the go-to mentor for motivation for many students in their preparation journey.

Rahul heads the CAT and IPM vertical for Possible Education. He scored a 100 Percentile in CAT 2021 with sectional cut-offs of over 99 percentile in all three sections and an overall score of 157.11, making it a 100 Percentile. He believes that the most crucial aspect of preparing for CAT is a thorough grasp of the concepts and knowing as many application areas as possible. After the concept preparation, the next important aspect is the revision and mocks, which helps students identify their weak or strong areas and work upon them accordingly. He recommends students to have their basics strong and go through a lot of previous year’s question papers.

He also believes that finding the right mentor or coach who guides you through to the very end plays a prominent role in channelling efforts in the right direction with discipline and consistency. In the end, it all also comes down to having solid faith in yourself because it’s a journey towards what you wish to build. Being adamant on this preparation journey and helping students on their way through is also what’s taught at Possible Education.

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