ISB Hyderabad’s Admissions Director now taking questions for PGP 2013 intake on PaGaLGuY

ISB Hyderabads Admissions Director Mr VK Menon is back on PaGaLGuY for the fifth year in a row hosting an admissions question and answer thread to address queries about ISB admissions, curriculum, faculty, placements, scholarships, etc. However unlike conventional online chats, this will continue 247 until the end of ISBs admission season.

Mr VK Menon says,

Dear ISB aspirants,

The Admissions process for the Class of 2013 at the Indian School of Business (ISB) is now on. Through this column, me and my team at the Admissions and Financial Aid, will respond to your queries on the school, admission process, placements and student life on campus.

Good Luck in your preparations.

V K Menon

You can get official answers to your questions from this thread, apart from the help you’re already getting from the applicant-driven thread.

Go to VK Menons ISB Hyderabad Official Admission Queries Thread

A few more b-schools are also running threads driven by their admission teams,

SP Jain, Dubai and Singapore

Schulich India MBA

Apart from b-schools, some essay consultants too have been helping people out on PaGaLGuY since a few years,

Jennifer Bloom of

Ask a Consultant@PaGaLGuY – a collective of MBA abroad experts, including some PG veterans such as Psychodementia (Arun Jagannathan), MartianOnEarth (Sameer Kamat), etc.

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