Is Prestige University an excellent choice to pursue Super Specialization MBA programs?

With twenty-seven years of experience in imparting professional education, Prestige University believes in having deciphered the code of success of the Indian talent heading global organizations—this belief helped them build our current endeavor in education—Prestige University. At PU, the aim is to offer a perfect blend of Indian academic rigor and western pedagogy.

The following are the reasons why Prestige University is an excellent choice to pursue Super Specialization MBA:

  • There is a significant gap between modern-day jobs and the trained professionals required, which has given rise to a supply-demand gap. These professionals will act as a catalyst to reconfigure business processes as a result of changing consumption trends and faster-than-ever evolving technologies. To address this transformation the even global higher education trendline is moving from general to Super Specialization programs.
  • Currently, industry-academia partnerships do not go beyond signing MoUs. Prestige University is an endeavor to change this legacy issue. At PU, they have onboarded industry partners who helped design the curricula making them perennially industry-relevant and have endowed research chairs to facilitate research work on real-world problems.
  • PU aims at benchmarking academic delivery by associating with institutes of excellence through building andragogy which reconceptualizes the classroom for a self-motivated learner and deploying modern assessment techniques like evaluating the quality of engagement in the classrooms throughout the session. A significant focus will be on faculty development by leveraging our partnerships with the mentor universities.
  • PU offers a unique 5-month internship program, unlike the standard two months. Students undergo a pre-internship training module covering the program objectives, methodology, workflows, and corporate etiquette. It enables the students to be result-oriented from the first day and strengthens their job candidature.
  • PU continuously benchmarks academic practices to the global best. They do that by forging mentor-mentee partnerships with institutes of excellence by augmenting the three facets of the academic delivery. First, they build andragogy by incorporating newer avenues of learning; second, by deploying novel assessment techniques and lastly, they continuously temper the faculty by mentor universities.

Admissions are closing soon for the year 2022. To find more information on the MBA programs or to apply, click here. You can apply using the scores of any aptitude test among CAT, XAT, GMAT, GRE, coupled with an essay, letter of recommendation, academic record, and other parameters.