1. What are the top challenges that you are currently working to solve for your institute this year?

Currently the top challenges are:
FICCI and World Bank state that two-third of Indian graduates are not employable. Most of our students are found in-admissible in world class institutions abroad. Hence in the light of the above challenges, Presidency University’s focus will be on its courses, curricula and pedagogy. They will be designed to ensure that our students become well versed with cutting edge technology and concepts. Working in industries will be a part of degree requirement. Thus our graduates will become employable in top industries and admissible in world class institutions abroad after their graduation.

2. What are the qualities you look for in an applicant when short-listing for your final selections?

Apart from academic achievements in the qualifying exams we also look for a spark and thirst in the person to pursue higher education as a means of holistic development involving acquisition of knowledge, development of personality and building of character and not for obtaining a degree or job alone.

3. What according to you is the one progressive change that you’d like to see in the management education scenario in the country today?

The management education scenario in the country should aim to be at par with the global standards to ensure that every graduate is employable.

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