The Institute of Management Studies or IMS is a premier B-school of the North Indian region that offers multiple Post Graduate Diploma in Management courses. It is situated in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh which is also part of the National Capital Region (NCR).

Established in 1990, IMS Ghaziabad has proven its calibre as a B-School over the past decades. IMS Ghaziabad constantly features on the list of best Indian B-schools and management institutes. Recently, the institute featured in the 5th spot in North India and 15th amongst the Top B-School in the 2019 B-School Survey by the Times of India.

IMS Ghaziabad receives thousands of applications for the following three leading MBA equivalent courses.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • PGDM International Business
  • PGDM Big Data Analytics

Nonetheless, only a few candidates get into the highly selective courses of IMS. The institute encourages the consistent display of academic rigour from the students’ side through various policies and methods.

Numerous scholarship awards to the PGDM students is one such chief system of the institute. The scholarships aim to encourage consistent excellence amongst students and also serves as a scheme of healthy competition towards merit and finesse.

A total of 5 scholarships are available for the PGDM students. Find the details of the awards below.

Note: Only first-year students are eligible for the following grants. The maximum amount of prizes to an individual, who is eligible for more than one scholarship category, will not exceed the sum of Rs. 75,000.

Qualifying Exam Scholarship– Applicants accepting the final offer with the following percentiles in a national-level management entrance exams are eligible to receive the award of Rs. 50,000 as a scholarship.

  1. A CAT 2019 scorecard highlighting 80+ percentile.
  2. A CMAT 2020 scorecard highlighting 80+ percentile.
  3. A valid MAT scorecard reflecting 90+ percentile.

Special Scholarship for IMS group Students

The students enrolled in a full-time programme of IMS Engineering College & IMS UC Campus, Adhyatmik Nagar are eligible to receive a special scholarship of Rs. 25,000.

Defence Personnel (Center Govt.) Dependent Scholarship

A candidate from a Defence family (immediate family members being part of the Defence Force) will receive an award of Rs. 25,000.

Siblings Scholarship

Candidates with siblings accepting the final offer will be eligible to receive a single time waiver of Rs. 50,000 in the tuition fees.

  • Only PGDM students with one immediate sibling can apply for this scholarship.
  • The candidate must submit an affidavit by the parents along with a legal document supporting the relationship of the sibling with the student. Submission of the parents’ photo IDs is an essential requirement.

Cousin Sibling Scholarship– Candidates with one cousin sibling are eligible to receive a one time award of Rs 25,000. Submission of the cousin relationship (from maternal/paternal side) proof is the same as the aforementioned process.

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