Women’s day is celebrated on March 8th of every year. It is celebrated to show that there is no difference between men and women in this society and they are equal in every aspect.

This year women’s day was celebrated at Crescent School of Business in the auditorium only for the hosteliers and the event was conducted by the women’s in their hostels. All the ladies were dressed up grandly and happily enjoyed their day.  All juniors and seniors celebrated women’s day together by dancing, singing, doing ramp walk, etc. The theme of the ramp walk was to depict  the work and daily routine of all the women from waking up early in the morning, doing all the household activities, going for work, cooking , taking care of the family and children, to going late to bed for sleep etc.

The students enacted the roles of famous women personalities and explained about them. They also described the problems faced by the women in the society and how to overcome those problems. This event was completely organised by the students. Through conducting these kinds of programmes, the students are well exposed to manage people and also other activities .

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-Ackshaya Raja

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