How do IITs and IIMs cope with the job crises in the pandemic?

Placements at IITs and IIMs are touchstones of recruitment in the country. IIMs had over twenty percent more job offers with a fifteen to twenty percent hike in salaries offered last year compared with the previous year.

IITs had twenty-five percent more job offers in 2019 than 2018 in both recruitments and compensations. But what is the scene at the job fair this year?

The fallen economy in the current pandemic crisis has taken its toll on on-campus recruitments this year. The nation-wide lockdown has made some recruiters shy away from visiting colleges. 

Some companies that had given pre-placement offers have deferred or rescinded their offers. Many companies had also canceled internships that the students were due to take. 

How are the premier institutes handling the job crisis?

The IIT Delhi Director had appealed to recruiters to consider the fact that the bright minds in the country’s premier institutes can expedite the companies’ tiding over the crisis. 

The chairman of IIM-A placement cell opines that tech-based firms in healthcare, finance, education, and consulting will recruit more employees than others. 

Virtual is the way that works

IIMs and IITs have chosen to keep the placement processes online this year. IIM-A has deferred internships and placements, and it is ready for online recruitment drives.

The institute conducted its admission procedures online this year, and hence they are well-equipped to have pre-placements procedures online at the campus.

IIT Madras has commenced online internships for its students. They decided to do this after conducting three surveys involving students and companies.

The institute had appealed to the companies to cooperate with those students who hail from remote places where internet connectivity poses problems. 

IIT Madras and Delhi have permitted students who could not procure jobs last year to participate in this year’s placements. 

IIM Udaipur  has planned a workshop for students with less exposure to help them cope with the current scenario and train them in placement procedures. The institute is also working on refurbishing its infrastructure to support online recruitments.

IIM Mandi in Himachal Pradesh is on a similar training for its students. The institute is coaching its students to crack the skills necessary for placements. 

Have packages dipped?

Companies do not compromise on the quality of recruitments. IIT Madras has seen their internships rise from 147 offers last year to 152 this year. The average salary offer has not changed, and foreign recruiters delivered the best offers.

The director says that students will perform well this year, demonstrating skill sets needed in a crisis. Recruiters expect good quality work form interns and future employees. 

What should students do?

The chairman of the IIM C placement cell advises students to focus, prepare well, and remain patient and composed. Although the job-crisis is a fallout of the pandemic, the crisis has opened doors to opportunities to demonstrate the students’ skills in several sectors. 

The head of the office of career services at IIT Delhi has asked students to stay positive, confident, and prepared for success. The institute now conducts internship drives for students with an emphasis on placements.

IIM Udaipur director has suggested engaging in application-based internship opportunities where they can enhance their skills. He has advised students to update their profiles on LinkedIn, which he sees as an excellent platform to connect with business leaders and recruiters.

One of the placement coordinators at an IIM expressed his caution as companies are known to slow down on recruitments in a pandemic. In this scenario, he encourages students to proceed with their startups with good help from their alumni. 

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