IIT Madras puts a hold on placement due to current situation in the state

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) holds placement activities due to demise of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. Prof Manu Santhanam, Training and Placement Advisor, IIT-M, said, “We don’t want to do any activity in the institute at this point in time. Companies which are travelling from other places are also a little bit concerned. We certainly want the safety of these companies.” 

Placements at IIT-M were already postponed by a day on December 4, 2016, due to the Common Admission Test (CAT). However, the student community is unhappy and do not want these days off. An IIT-M student, said, “There are chances that the companies which were scheduled between today and tomorrow (December 6, and 7), might not even come, and might instead hire students from other institutes.”

Students who are yet to be placed are losing confidence day by day. Another IIT-M student, who also wished to remain unnamed, said, “I can’t celebrate my placement, because my friends are not placed yet. And the companies which are coming now are either offering poor profiles or poor packages.” 

The student continued, “On top of everything, the institute keeps postponing the placements.” 

Prof Santhanam, said, “So far, the situation is alright, and if everything is ok we will resume the placements from December 8.”